I made a Gears DOOM Guy crossover and I'm SO PROUD!

The idea behind the DOOM Guy reskin is that the COG would paint his armour to fit with their soldiers, but obviously DOOM Guy Rips and Tears so many grubs that the paint begins to wear and chip. So that’s why it has that wearing look to it.


You sir are an artist :clap: :clap: :clap:

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this is the kind of cross-over I can get behind.

it’s a video game character, it’s inside the Microsoft family(now), the Doom Slayer is a Shotgun maniac. it makes sense.

instead we have a bunch of WWE wrestlers and characters from a dead movie franchise?

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I’m not against characters. However, in my opinion the terminators and wrestlers were a mistake. Only MS owned characters (e.g. MC, Doom, Joanna Dark, etc.) should be guests as long as they visually fit into the game

I don’t think the Doom Guy needs blue paint, just some glowing blue accents at most. There’s a ton of skins in the game already without blue in their palette. Armored Sid being the best example, as he’s mostly green and brown.

Nonetheless, I like your artwork. What did you render it in?

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I would actually buy this if it was actually a thing

I’m not overtly for or against crossover, usually, but this is one I’d be extremely for.

I think The Slayer & Commander Valens would be great for the COG.
The Marauder & a shrunken down version of armored Davoth/The Dark Lord would also fit in well with the Locust.

For his skins, you could have Eternal Doomguy, 2016, OG & like you said, a blue color swapped version of his Eternal armor. It’d basically be the Midnight skin, but altered a bit.
You could also do the same for the rest.

-Regular white armor Valens & a blue/grey “Collector’s” alt.
-Regular green Marauder & black-armored version with red highlights similar to the Locust Drone’s color scheme
-And of course tiny, red mech suit Davoth & the alt skin could be him in his black skin suit since we definitely can’t get a completely nude Dark Lord lmao

For anyone who’s unfamiliar with any of these:

The Doom Slayer in Doom Eternal

In 2016

The OG version

The blue “Midnight” skin


Commander Valens aka The Betrayer

The Marauder

Davoth aka The Dark Lord (this was one of the only decent pictures I could find)

I would say that he’s silent, which gives him an advantage…

Except the Terminators already exist. Screw it, put him in.

Someone else mentioned it, but the blue paint is unnecessary. Just give him some blue lights.