I’m starting to enjoy horde, but..,,

Holy hell is horde long!!! why do we have to dedicate more than an hour to one match?

This wouldn’t be the worst thing though if we had a horde lite option. This option Should allow you to choose your difficulty as well (not like gears 4 where you had to play casual if you did horde lite matchmaking).

Having this would give players more flexibility, I do like playing 50 waves, just not every time, I’ve also had many players quit after wave 20 in matchmaking, this would help eliminate this problem. Otherwise you have to play with a full team every time. The AI player is a good addition and helps with the loss of a team mate, but they do some strange things sometimes.


Ive seen the teammate AI get stuck in cover or stuck next to fortifications a few times already

Or just run to the enemy spawn at wave start and die…multiple times a match.

They’ve just taken a lot of freedom of player choice out of the horde and escape modes and I just don’t understand why that was such a key thing they wanted. It’s just plain meh. I like horde, I really do. I enjoy it, even for the long 50 wave sessions, but I want to be who I chose and then the class I want. It’s just, ungh … Also the AI is a nice feature, but AI hasn’t improved really since the first game.

50 waves is a hassle indeed. Starts to get boring even for me that I love Horde. It should be 35 or 40 waves tops. I would say 35 would be great. 2 hour horde is acceptable. But we are talking here an almost 3 hour session… too much


Got to wave 35 and had a sentinel spawn under the map, sometimes just F this game

Ah that sucks, at least in 4 you could die and restart the wave, you would lose consecutive bonus, but if it’s a fun game at least you get to keep playing.