I’m sorry, but this game is a steaming pile of rubbish

People on here may remember my last topic of ‘Tired of being one shot gibbed’.

Well, I have tried to persevere with this game and the same shenanigans keeps happening. Things like -

Shooting people point blank, only for them to take 98% damage, and gib me in one shot

Gnasher fights are no longer about skill or movement, it’s simply who has the less ping and gets there shot off first, regardless of accuracy, and nearly every time results in a one shot jib

Getting downed by lancer fire from all angles (unbalanced maps) and not even having time to get to cover. This lancer is WAY overpowered

Every input seems to have a delay of sorts. Things feel clunky and delayed, and endlessly getting stuck to walls.

I really have tried to keep going with this game but every time I try, I end up raging so much I have to stop. Yes, I’m a rager, but rarely with other gears games. This game is such an unbalanced and inconsistent piece of dirt that it makes me rage harder than any other game I have ever played.

This does not feel like a gears game, nor does it play like one. I seem to be absolutely lousy at this game despite being a long time and very capable player. Nothing seems to register properly and the lack of confidence I have in this games hit detection and balance only makes me play worse.

Yet I can hop on any other gears game and play to my ability and have a fun time

Sorry, but this game is just dismal and has no soul left that can be called Gears.

I can play it no more.


It’s a shame they have been plagued with nothing but problems since early access. I really want to play it and go through the campaign again but I just don’t have it in me. I’ll play a MP game here and there but that’s about it. Played one horde match so far and maybe 4-5 escape matches. I was so hyped for it but with the changes they made and the problems, I have been staying away from it until they fix it all.


Same, can’t rlly bring myself to play it. I can deal with the movement. But the weapons are far too powerful.hardly any content. Required to grind for anything. After reupping I’m already bored.

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My first impression was really bad because “it was not like GoW” but I kind of got used to the matches now even though I agree with you completely. So I decided to stick around for some time and see what happens. GoW was always laggy for me but I just had to accept it - I don’t have that much time to play so I tend to stick to one game for long time, I admit my connection is not that great. My average ping now is 45 and those things annoy me most:

  • I constantly cant shoot at others (i.e. I press the trigger point blank, nothing happens, then the other player shoots and kills me (so I guess the server registers my shot after though I see it that I shot first),
  • I keep getting shot behind cover (I am behind the cover and someone snipes me, can see this clearly on kill cam as well)
  • last but not least I quite often see some players having some god mode advantage, they easily kill anyone even when they look like they shoot in a general direction of someone while targeted shots don’t do much damage to them. They are like bulldozers.
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yeah i been playing gears since the first one and was so hyped about this game… i liked the campain except the end i didnt care for was sad and mp is straight up garbage i do good but it is crap with the guns and everything soo thanks for wrecking one of the best games in history epic games should have never solid it sorry collitioan but u are just a bunch of lazzy fks sorry but u had like 3yrs to make mp better and u made it crap