I’m so SICK and TIRED of getting punished

It makes no sense to lose a match and also lose points for being the only good one on the damn team, I heard you guys “fixed” the ranking system but what exactly did you guys fix ?

I would prefer Gears 4 ranking system over this 1/3 finished of a game.

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There still working on it LoL.

It’s been 4 months…

I know. The stream they had a couple weeks ago they mentioned that they want players to feel good after a win and want to recognize support players. So probably wins will count more after a match and assist. So hopefully they implement it soon. I only worry about wins for the moment. I’m not taking rank serious, hell I won’t even use my elite controller. No reason to untill they fix this shitz

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Losing points even when MVP

Losing Points 100% when someone on the other team quits and has nothing to do with me.

Losing Points 200% when more than one person quits.

Good Job TC.

Or losing points when playing leader in Guardian and surviving the round…




I agree it’s BS.

Let’s all face the facts here with TC it’s all about the Benjamins and nothing else!When people complained about store high over the top prices and TC lowered them,negitvely affecting TC bottom line,we all paided the price with sub par efforts now being the norm.including penities for everything and everyone.

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Perhaps in this case what’s require its to further punish TC by convincing people not to play the f***ng game anymore… if there’s anyone who has to pay the price of this souless broken game it’s the developer not the consumer. The consumer @SHINO_BAZ never pays the price, he just go to greener pastures and plays something else like DOOM ETERNAL for example.

Happens way too much to me as well .

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Face it we all have a luv hate relationship with gears 5
We either love to hate it
We either hate to luv it.
But most players struggle to do both at the same time.

They prob wont fix it to be honest

You think that’s bad? You actually lost rounds, which I get you lose points for. But I didn’t lose any rounds, was unfavored by 22,000 & was 4v5 against Stacked PC players & lost points.