I,m from South Spain and my game experience is beeing good

I,ve been reading about problems with european servers and maybe I don´t understand the real problem but i have been playing last 2 weeks and I found players in each game mode, the ping is usually the same in each team, maybe 2 or 3 player around 50 ms or less and others around 120 ms , in each team, and the match is fun and exiting too, sometimes you win , others you loose but I don´t think that game have a problem. In cooperative modes like horde or escape you find people ever for game with , I have been playing well so I level up to 100 and win a few ranges (i,ve got Desert Fahz skin ) playing all kind of game modes with no problem. For example, i wait in horde prepare room (or hall , i don´t speak english) and if I am tired to wait I start alone and someone can join in the midle of the game and apear in a monster pod, I like it and it works fine.