I love the weapon tuning in gears 5 the coalition did a great job with this game but can we expect any movement tuning to happen ever?

I’m fine with what people can do in the game snd its dynamics, but what I feel needs to be changed thr most is the visual representation of the charters in such things as the wrap around and the reaction shot, I feel these need to be tuned to the point to where thd graphics make sense visually as far as real life physics go, we need to do away with the visual representation that some one can shoot through walls or out if their butts, can we expect a patch fof this in gears 5 or maybe for gears 6 to address this?

This was taken directly from a thread in the gears of war community page

"Who wants to learn how to “Shoot through walls” & “shoot out their ■■■” (wrap around, & reaction shot)?

I’m opening a private lobby where we just do those two shots until you get them down.

I can do wrap arounds easy, i just gotta touch up my reaction shots."

Is that something we should have in this game? Every one shooting through wall and out of their butts?

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