I love the weapin turning but......here we go

So yea taking aim assits away is probably one of the smartest things yall have done, the active reload adjustment i feel balances the game out more when dealing with people who arr new to the game or for people who are just simply tired from a long days work, it lets them focus on the game a bit easier, tho I don’t think actives damage boost should be completely taken away, I feel like there should be core and hard-core one with, the other with out, the only thing that could be added is movement turning wall bouncing and running shouldn’t be faster than a person can aim especially at a distance thats rediculous, maybe at clos e range the speed matches up, you know like reality, also if you are gonna take away aim assists for stationary players it should also be taken away from people walk bouncing, im still seeing and im guessing I will continue to see players walk bounce and then shoot the floor or the sky or over some ones shoulder and still land a 1 shot kill on a person while their target is aiming at their face and is only issued 50% damage it makes no sense at all what so ever, wall bounce should exist but it shouldn’t magically make a person immune to bullet fire nor should it give a person any extra commands, a person can bounce and shoot faster that a person who us stationary shooting, how does that make any sense at all what so ever? TBH im glad im making my own game and this b.s. won’t be in it, its litterally the main reason the pkayer pool shrinks vastly after a gears game is released, every one thinks, “oh new gears they must have fixed it” then "nope im going back to call of duty:

I doesn’t make u immune. It makes the opponent miss.

The weapons are already boosted. Do not need any more!