I Love Supporting Esports!

Sike, notifications for the free skins lol

Goat Weapon Set is :fire:


I don’t mind supporting esports if the skins are to my liking.

Sike haven’t heard that since I was a kid.

Is this some ad?

Well. I actually REALLY REALLY ENJOY watching gears esports.
Every match is insanely intense.
I watched the EUROPEAN championship this past weekend. CONGRATS TO RATED R for winning it all.
I could care less about skins. That i wont even use anyways.
I have my solid team skins and my RISE team skins. Im good on that end.

Too bad they completely stopped caring about Chrome Steel.


Maybe this means they’ve finally come to their senses, dropping Chrome Steel in favor of Black Steel.

They confirmed months ago that Black Steel was a 4thing and will never come back.

At some point they will realize that Chrome doesn’t sell as good as Black Steel. Every single BS skin up to pack 10 or so was highly detailed in a way that you couldn’t mistake it for a regular skin while Chrome just mingles with the rest like there is nothing special to it.

But what do I know, maybe they sell like hot cakes but people simply choose not to use them.

Not suprising considering they’re never in the store and when they are they disappear after 2 weeks never to be seen again. And you clearly haven’t seen CS skins ingame if you think they don’t stand out.

Because no one cared about CS, lol…

I had a LOT of black steel characters, i thought they looked awesome.

CS is “meh…” at best… Not spending a penny on those.

TC had an attitude problem at launch. It was “we decide whats best for the game, and you just accept it and embrace it”. When we did the implied " or else" and dropped the game, they changed their tune.

They also confirmed months ago that 6 shots in the gnasher was the new direction , because it made the game more skillful…

Yeah, and now they caved in to the casuals. Not sure what this has to do with the E-sports skins.

Exactly the same way they did with Black Steel yet those sell great and I bought several of them.

There is nothing special to them, no leds or bling bling like they’re supposed to be. I bought the queen and unless I see some major changes, she will be the last.

Those were released at a far more steady pace and sometime 3-4 chars at the same time. There’s been like 8 or 9 (?) CSs so far with some really odd choices in there.

So you bought the one skin that was just re-colored BS. Got it.

It has nothing to do with the pace or how many were released at any given time. In any match there was at least one black steel, doesn’t matter which mode as everyone liked them. Chrome? I play ranked on a regular basis and I rarely see one, nothing on Horde or Escape.

I bought the Queen because it’s the one character that looked the best, I considered Clayton but his “special edition” turned out to be better. The “main cast” in CS? they’re all terrible.

I’m just saying that if TC wants to sell more, they should bring back the ones that proved they can sell good. Yes they did say they won’t be coming back but they also said many things months ago that are being reverted now.