I love Ranked don't get me wrong but it should be removed for Gears 6

I am aware, I wasn’t clear on my point. I meant in the sense that team death match is the closest mode to the original multi-player. Before it was just one life per round not multiple respawns and I am aware of that. My point was we gave so many ranked modes which splits up the small player base even further. Ranked should just be one mode. Other modes are fine but they should be in a quick play setting in my opinion.

This isnt true either. If anything it should be KoTH if we look at the way you are seeing as Annex was added to the first game

Gridiron is the closest to Gears 1 modes. Also you could play any mode in ranked in Gears 1, 2, and 3. Making it 1 mode only will turn people off the game

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Closest thing to the original multiplayer would surely be Guardian

I’m already turned off with king of the hill.

Such a lame mode, 30-40 min matches, lancers galore.

I’d play grid iron but it’s lame too.

Miss TDM. Games were fast.

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To each their own

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Or… bear with me now… an actual hybrid system… not RNG lottery like you sarcastically suggest.

Downed enemies can be killed from any distance, but the amount of damage required to finish them off, grows with distance. DBNO players can still self revive, but the bleedout time is decided by your distance to the enemy who downed you.

Sorry, I guess I assumed people were more creative and imaginative.

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When I first saw this post several weeks ago I blew it off as a bad idea. Then over the past week I started paying attention to my matches and remembering my overall experience with ranked in the franchise.

I try to be positive and try not to be that guy that tries to limit others, as much as I hate to say it but it is just a game. I’ll try to sum up why I think it maybe wont be a bad idea to leave it out of at least one game:

  1. Games have been out too long. Games like gears have been out a while and have had a lot tunings and changes. That impact how people feel and play the game.

  2. Ranks dont really amount to much outside of Masters (someone correct me if I’m wrong haven’t been there). You would think as ranks go up you would be able to tell differences In player capability. This doesnt feel like the case anymore, at least to me and my friends that still play.

  3. Finally I’d have to say that there are people that just dont belong in ranked multiplayer. Ranked should be a place where those that want to be competitive and show they know the mechanics and get better over time go. Right now as a solo player it feels like there are way to many casual players in ranked. Forget getting marks or support fire these guys throw a smoke with four guys on the other side and without one teammate pushing with them or trying to time a flank just push through. And that’s an often occurring theme in the gold/ onyx matches I’ve been playing.

All in all unless they set restrictions on who can really get in ranked it might not be a bad idea to have a game where they either got rid of ranked or at the least delayed ranked to kind of force a breather from the community.

Completely disagree.

Ranked is the reason I play PvP. Good for you on getting masters though, not an easy thing to do.

If you are masters, you have to understand you better than 99.9% of the community and wait times should be a little longer.

Gears 3 was stupid with a social and ranked playlist for every mode.

What gears 5 is doing is perfect. These play modes are for ranked only. These other modes are for fun, quick play.

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I hit masters every season & don’t have long wait times.

This preseason I didn’t put much into it. No incentive or skin. Knew I could hit masters in FFA but it’s so boring for me.

My friend hit masters in a day in FFA & he’s never hit masters in any operation.

I’d want them to keep the ranking because I want players skilled like me or at least not bots.

Having a bot on your team ruins the experience to even have ranked. Might as well play social.

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The condescension is strong with this one. It was a joke. No need to get all upset about it. Do you really think your proposed idea is plausible? Not in your dreams. It would take a lot of work on TC’s end to implement something like that. All for a hypothetical mode no one is asking for. Let’s keep our expectations realistic yeah?

It’s not a hybrid of execution and warzone if enemies can be killed from any distance. Because you aren’t taking any attributes from execution. Essentially what you’re proposing is warzone with extra stipulations.

I remember throwing the idea of a LFG type system into Gears when Ranked was turning into a clusterf last year. basically get a group together and have a type of hybrid queue system where you can still play QuickMatch but as soon a team is found it will launch you into a lobby.

this would have stricter matches where they would be required to be in your region and be very close to your rank. it lets you play and not look at a timer the entire time.

I like the idea but I also personally like finding new people too play with regular as a team, I think that the LFG option would be good with a feedback system so you could pick and choose rather than automatically paired with certain people so you could see if you was about too be paired with mr/mrs toxic international first before accepting.

I don’t see why not… Increased damage to finish a down based off distance is already implemented in Gears 5 Gridiron and was in Escalation 2.0 if I am not mistaken.

Really? What about the part where I said you could self revive?
Arguably self reviving and immunity from damage while DBNO are both equally important foundational elements of Execution.

What I am proposing with this hybrid style, is FAR from Warzone with extra stipulations… Going down in Warzone in Gears 1-3 was almost always certain death, whereas these changes would likely allow you to crawl behind cover and self revive in most scenarios. I will encourage players to be mindful of being out in the open, but would also discourage heavy use of Lancer fire.

Warzone and Execution players have drastically different play styles and expectations, understanding that both of these modes no longer have the playerbase to support them, a hybrid system would likely be the best opportunity to merge these two communities while maintaining the classic feel of one life per round game modes.

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