I love Ranked don't get me wrong but it should be removed for Gears 6

I honestly felt Gears 4 ranking system was fine. Hard to understand but I was able to get a grasp of it through developer interviews. As much as people railed on it at the time, G4’s ranking system seemed to mostly work, give or take. Bronzes tended to play like bronzes, silvers like silvers, and so on. I usually settled at low onyx and noticed high onyx and diamonds usually played better than me. It felt like it was fairly accurate and with so many variables, is no small feet.

This new system is way easier to understand but I feel it doesn’t capture skill nearly as well. Perhaps with more tinkering they can get it to a better place.

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Like playing a sport with no rank.

Participation trophies for all…

I think rank has to go, i played some matches this season only to get the silver achievement. Other than that ranked in gears 5 doesn’t intrest me, especially this Op purley based on the game modes available, 2v2 sucks, ffa sucks, koth needs work to fix it so it plays better but gridiron is ok.

Id rather play dodgeball and guardian in ranked.

As for solos vs 5 stacks i do belive they need to fix this, perhaps 5 stacks can search in a 5 stack playlist that has all ranked modes in it and u get whatever mode u get👍

You don’t seem to be able to read and understand what I said.

Your mentality is that you cant be wrong about something.

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I know what’s right & wrong & removing it is straight up wrong.

All I ask for is fair competition with ranks.

Removing it defeats the purpose of playing competition.

I don’t wanna smoke doobies & coombayah & hope I get decent teammates.

I want to fight.

I know it can be done because Gears 4 was very promising.

what’s wrong with 2v2 and ffa?
I personally love ffa

Re up doesn’t mean anything.

Dudes glitch on horde. Met a level 40 who was a straight up bot in op2. I was prestige 8 or something & he was as good as a bot.

Tensed up too much.

I think rank system should stay.

It’s going somewhere it just needs tweaks.

I’m sure it’s not fun if a gold played me. It wouldn’t be fair.

Also wouldn’t be fair if I was carrying the low rank player & all they can do is sit there or die.

I wish the point system was like FFA right now. They reward you so much 8 of my friends hit masters on it.

Gears 1 is the best gears game ever made never needed an update to fix the game play, it worked from day 1.

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Just my opinion thats all👍

I think other modes are great but with respawns etc they buffed the ranged weapons a bit too much.

Ranked can exist however they shouldn’t balance the game around it. The reason I don’t enjoy gears 5 (net code issues aside) is because its simply not fun for me. The game is made to play with a sweaty stack and revolves around that. Gears is at heart a casual game. Now don’t get me wrong it can have sweaty gameplay and also have a ranked system. However I think they should make the game more casual and fun for the average player rather than pushing the limits of skill in a gears like game and then then finding a balance between that and fun like they are doing now. If they continue making it more sweaty and more ranked orientated the casual players are going to leave and all that’s left will be the sweats.

Also the population can’t handle multiple ranked game modes so if they are completely set on keeping ranked just put like only two game modes in there grid iron execution or like grid iron escalation. Rest should be core.

Either way I don’t mind ranked being in the game however I just don’t think the game should be balanced around that. The game should be made with fun and balance in mind don’t get me wrong but when you go too far in one direction it just becomes boring to play. Same with making the game casual friendly and ranked friendly gotta balance those two and not go in one direction for me they heavily weighing into the ranked direction.

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Ranks should be individual. Because each player needs to be able to compete against it self and compare to others.
The player should not be carried by a team to achieve the highest rank nor should luck being placed in a good team be needed either. However a good player can be playing in a bad team and should not reflect on individual performance. The individual player should be recognized and placed with other players performing equal. And if the player continues to perform the system should place that player with new players performing well.

Does the team win then it should look at the individual players contribution to that game. Same goes for the loss. Of course it’s a team effort to win. But the individual performance should be highlighted by the system.


People is over 35 do not understand anymore how the world works >_>

Dude everything is “EGO” on 2020. Relationships, work, social networks, video games etc. The rank system is the reason for a lot of players still on this game. Remove the rank system and Gears 6 will barely keep 3000 players online.

On 2000 to 2010 people played more love of the game, for friendship, for personal satisfaction. Now is all about of EGO and who is the highest rank on your friend list


But if ranked is removed, how are we gonna flex?


In your case removal of rank would be for the best


You’re just mad I got Diamond before you


How exactly does one make a hybrid of execution and warzone? Every enemy you down has a 50/50 chance of having execution rules applied to them?

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if anything, there should be only one mode and it should be ranked, to give everyone a fair and level playing field
of course the long setup and matchmaking should be overhauled. less time to pick characters, maps (which should be rolling and not voted)

as it is today, there’s too many different pvp modes to play that are scattering a thin playerbase across bot-ridden lobbies

crossplay should go as well, any debate about who’s having an advantage is silly in 2020 as every platform has its advantages and cheat devices (literally, if you think one can’t cheat on console gears is delusional)

TC should bring players closer together in only a handful of modes

We don’t need like 9000 modes. Ranked should be team death match as its always been that set up. Also if TC didn’t botch this enitre game and could manage stable servers then people may stick around and play. This game is the same terrible gameplay as it was day one. Who wants to play that. I took a long break, came back played for a week and a half and I am ready to bail out again. The random winner of gun fights in this game is largely problematic.

TDM was only added in Gears 3 so it couldnt have been “always that set up”

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