I love Ranked don't get me wrong but it should be removed for Gears 6


what’s that man ? hahahaha


This will never happen. If anything it’ll be focused even more on ranked play. That goes with every game. Don’t get me wrong though. I agree with you. It’s just kids these days are obsessed with having an ELO system and ranked stuff to make them feel good as if they’re readying themselves to be paid for some million dollar MLG tournament.

Ranked is interesting and there’s a place for it just not at the expense of not being able to play the game due to low player population in different parts of the world and lack of fun, lots of lag, ect ect.

All in all There’s def a medium that can be achieved, just not with the way gears 5 went down.


Quickmatch. The distinction between quickmatch and ranked was only bots and no drop in/drop out, not the fact that it was based on Truskill as it was in both.

Sorry, I use QM for quickmatch. I thought it was common lingo. My bad.

I wouldn’t mind as long as it was matchmaking base on some kind of skill comparison like K/D and didn’t have bot back fill and mode specific.

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If I remember correctly quickmatch was a little more loose on the trueskill comparisons(I could be wrong)

I think so, in the sense that it would come askew with people leaving and entering. It would rehash the teams at the end of each match presumably based on Truskill.

Also parties would effect this.

It needs to go, too much time and resources have been spent on it. There seems to be no winners of TC’s efforts on it. Things were much better when people played for xp over made up titles.


No it does not.

It doesn’t need to go anywhere.

Do you play PvP?

If you do you understand the quit rate.

If there’s no ranking then people DO NOT have incentive to stay.

If you want no ranks there is quick play…

Doesn’t make sense to throw it out the window.

I do not want bronze or silver players on my team versus a stacked diamond match.

This is the worst idea.

If you’re a high level player you’d understand why this is a joke.

It’s not even about showing it off. It’s about having a somewhat fair lobby.

In op2 I kept having highest achieved ranked silver players & it pissed me off because I’d go 50-4 in a TDM match & still lose…

If you don’t play ranked competitively fine but don’t try to ruin it for those that do.

You can have a ranking system. But this thing we call the ranked playlist is broken. I’m pretty sure i saw in another thread that not many people play ranked in general…

You can have one playlist per mode. Simple. Whether or not there is a playlist called ranked is irrelevant.

Join in progress, rolling lobbies. You can still have a ranking system that takes into account all variables (quitters, lopsided teams etc) and that matches players of similar skill together. You can still be an onyx or diamond, redoing how they execute MP doesn’t mean the idea of a ranking system disappears.

The multiplayer of this game is so convoluted. TC thinking their ranked playlist is super duper competitive. If they want competitive gears there are more efficient ways to go about it. tournaments or GB or whatever. Instead everyone is caught up in this conversation of the ranking system. Way past time to think outside the box but I’m not getting my hopes up. Large matrix organizations are always letting their fringe hardcore fans down and some people just can’t see the light. How many “ranked” matches where players quit is enough?

That’s definitely not correct.

People stay, because they enjoy the game and want to win.

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That is correct though.

You obviously love the game if you play a lot to rank high.

This will just mesh us with gold players who don’t care & quit.

@pxlemic what you’re describing sounds like social. I’m all for upgrading the GP system but removing ranked is a big set back to those who play ranked.

People are still unhappy with the ranking system even after the rework.
The gameplay should be the only incentive to stay and play. These guys had 3 games to get it right. Competitive PvP can stay but its time to pull the plug on ranks.

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But at least it tries.

I don’t like the current gp but to trash it? No.

Then I’ll get bot teammates which will piss me off & others more.

There’s social for that.

Should ranked receive a 3rd rework?
Replace ranked with leaderboards?
What’s your solution?
It wouldn’t be fair to shaft the other modes so that Ranked can receive another rework

You’re absolutely wrong. There was nothing correct with what you said.

I’ve literally been gaming for decades, before rank/ing was a thing in games.

I played because I enjoyed the game and I played to win.

Not for some little medal beside my name which means absolute diddly squat.

I think you also miss the point I’m making, as I neither agreed or disagreed about removing rank matchmaking etc from the game. I never even mentioned it.


If it doesn’t mean squat then keep it.

You’ll play with players with that mentality.

You want to know what makes most players put in hours into gaming. Challenge… If there’s no challenge players will leave and get their challenge somewhere else. Leaderboards, ranks, score, points, throphies, achievements … That’s what most players go for. Comparing against other players and to become better then them or best your personal best.

It’s human psychology challenge… When you reach your goal you will also search for a new challenge.

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