I love Ranked don't get me wrong but it should be removed for Gears 6

Now I have been Master in several modes when it was really broke during OP1 and I am Master in OP4 FFA now with the updated ranking system but…

It needs to be removed for Gears 6 does nothing but divide the community and have long wait times in ranked for the higher ranks. I mean just go back to how Gears 3/4 did it with the (Re-ups/emblems/skins) make them meaningful, with cool unlocks, and look unique unlike gears 5 Re-ups!

Now if there was a way to combine both ranks I would be all for it have a skill tier/and Re-up on your playercard/profile I’m down just do not have separate modes struggled in Gears 4 and has been awful in Gears 5




Gears 3 didn’t have Re-up/emblems/skins to unlock from Ranked. All Ranked was back in the day of Gears 1 to Judgement was to play a match with people and no bots which was about it. They honestly given Ranked way too much attention since Gears 4 and that’s a bad thing when they should be focused on other things like Horde and Bug fixes etc.


I kind of agree…


Just make it so there is only one ranked mode in 6. A throwback to Gears 1 classics single life per round modes, a hybrid of Warzone and Execution. I truly feel Gears is played best in single life per round modes, and the reason for their fall off in popularity is due to over-saturation of other game modes. Many of the newer players to the series have no idea how good a match of Warzone or Execution can actually be. Having this be the only ranked mode in 6 may turn more players on to these classic modes and resulting playstyles and strategies.


3 had colors for the re-ups though still looks better than the current Gears 5 re-ups
and that’s why I had 3/4 combined because they both did some things right

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I’m pretty sure there wasn’t any Re-up skins for Gears 4 as far as I know

I don’t think you understand what I’m wanting or talking about lol
when I put Re-ups/emblems/skins I meant
making Re-ups look good again… bring back Gears 4 emblems over your playercard and skins as in character skins/weapon skins Gears 4 had better unlocks in general also the Diamond weapon skins looked great compared to now…


This is not true

Gears 2 and 3 used Microsofts Trueskill ranking system to match similar skilled players


I loved Gears 2 miss those days!

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It’s so obvious. They need to be smarter in how they organize MP. You would think TC has so much to go off with all of the previous gears games. Yet we just recycle the matchmaking and playlists. There’s nothing creative or new or intuitive about it. There’s nothing about it that calls out to the gears 1 days. You boot up the latest cod and they have a playlist of just the map shipment. I’m not saying TC needs to do the same, but you think back about the gears 1 days where ranked was 19 rounds of execution on raven down. It’s just an idea. Gears 5 gets so stale so fast. It’s almost funny how bad it is, in this twisted gears way…


I completely agree

I said this a while ago. It’s gotten out of hand and has been the cause of many arguments and anguish for years. Gears of War 3 did it right.


That game won’t ever stopped being played.

It’s like Tetris is something completely irresistible. …


I prefer 2 over 3



That’s terrible.

Ranking systems need to stay. Every game has one.

They just need to get it right.

Removing it is the easy way out.

Then people will quit even more because they don’t care & there is no incentive to play.

At least a ranking system you won’t see onyx players leaving just because.

I strongly disagree.

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really man @ll_R_E_D_l ?

I was under the impression that the game you most liked was 3 , but that’s great man . I do enjoyed 2 specially the campaign .

both of them are great games.

Agreed. But I don’t think it’ll happen. It’s too important to others and when’s the last time you’ve seen a triple A shooter without a ranked system in it. Hopefully in 6 we get something better or it gets removed


I have a very unpopular opinion. Gears 2 is better than 3.


I 100% agree

QM was also based on Truskill as well I do believe so it still stands that it wasn’t different besides not having bots and no drop in and out if that is correct.