I like the new gnasher and movement updates (Come to my TED Talk)

I personally don’t find it very difficult to adjust to changes in games, the ones I have a vested interest in, at least. As long as I think the updates are for the betterment of the versus experience, I’m all for relearning a thing or two.

The coverslip speedboost change, for example, is one lots of players aren’t enjoying right now. Of course, I find myself in situations where it may have been easier to get the upper hand on my opponent with the previous speedboost settings, but I don’t let that stop me from getting better and enjoying ranked.

Think of it this way. How long ago was Gears 5 released? About 7 months ago. Is Gears 5’s gnasher, movement, other weapon stats, etc. not very different from 4’s and 3’s? Many would agree that it is. If you’re still playing Gears 5, you would have learned to adapt to the changes by now. Muscle memory required for videogames isn’t super hard or time consuming to come by. And besides that, if you really didn’t like the game, you could still be playing the previous games.

Was there not a different update that changed the gnasher a few months ago? In a way, it greatly shifted the type of gameplay of “getting in close to try and land a gib” toward a kind of play where accuracy is much more important. In my opinion, this is a much more drastic change than the most recent gnasher changes, but the majority of players wanted it, and I no longer see the remainder of players who didn’t want it even talking about it anymore.

What I’m trying to say is that, if you really love Gears and you really care about improving your game, these updates are nothing to you but another obstacle to overcome. And come on, it’s a videogame; it doesn’t take years of readjusting to get back your footing.

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