I like the idea of a Gears movie but,

Is this picture for real?

Nah, it’s clearly obvious it’s photoshopped. Neither TC, Microsoft or Universal studios announced any news on the Gears of War Movie let alone the casting.


I hope they don’t do this to us … I don’t want my Gears be bashed anymore :smirk:

John Cena as Baird? Meh.
Dwayne Johnson as Dom? Eh.

That’s what I thought :joy::joy::joy:

One of the worst photoshops I’ve ever seen. I thought we left this kind of stuff behind in the 1990s???

I wouldn’t want to see a GOW film though. I don’t think anyone could do it justice.

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If this movie has anything to do with WWE studios it will fail. Video game movies never do very well anyway, mixing that with Vince McMahon’s straight to DVD movies and you get a recipe for disaster.

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