I like Gears 5, come at me

I thought u were serious then :roll_eyes:

Actually gears 1 is as good as it gets, steadily going down hill after gears 3

For some people orange juice is too strong so they have to pour half a bottle of water into their glass of juice. That is the only way they can drink it.

I regret so much not having played UE much, much more.

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Gears 3 had the best movement options in my opinion and is my favorite, but my goodness did the framerate make bouncing look ridiculous. Also the earthquake like camera shake from roadie :joy:

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I love it, myself. I’m just not so keen on the Tour of Duty and it’s time gated rewards.

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It’s not about whether or not you like the game, it’s paying 80 bucks for beta. The fact that we were promised things and more than a month later still having not received them, while " tc" celebrates their success. You may enjoyed being screwed ,but: “Marcellus Wallace don’t like to be screwed by anybody except Mrs. Wallace.” It’s about principle, something you obviously know nothing about!


There is a reason the named it gears 5 and not gears of War 5. They said they wanted to do it their own way (changed stuff wich isn’t broken) of course somebody has to like this game but it is more fortnite, Apex and cod with a gears skin. They want a new audience and don’t really care about the vets.


This is one of my biggest issues. Gears 5 is the 7th Gears of War game. There is a decade’s worth of previous gameplay research for a AAA game franchise that is now owned by Microsoft, with a dedicated development studio.

Yet the game still launches with a huge plethora of bugs, balancing issues and gameplay mechanics that many players have issues with, such as the Inverse Omen, Flashbangs, Heat-seeking Knife melee etc, all of which TC were made aware of during the Tech Test. On top of that TC turned Horde into a gimmick and introduced Escape mode, with a map builder that the majority of people don’t care about and the most pathetic tutorial (Boot Camp) I’ve ever seen in a game, they don’t even tell you how to combat roll - TC have obviously not prioritised their time effectively and it shows.

We should not be receiving such a half baked, broken AAA game at launch and have to wait for several months after for a bunch of updates until the game becomes playable

Furthermore, TC’s communication with their fan base is near non-existant, especially on their own forums! The majority of people posting on the forums are providing constructive criticism and expressing our disappointment at the way TC have been handling this franchise, we want the game to improve and we all love Gears otherwise we wouldn’t be so passionate with our comments. TC employees need to get the hell off of Twitter, where the majority of users are toxic, especially due to the 140 character limit and start communicating with us here, on their forums!

We need to hold game developers to a higher standard or we will continue to get these ‘skeleton’ like games, that require months of updates to fix and fully flesh out the game, like Anthem and No Man’s Sky. Obviously Gears 5 is nowhere near as bad as those games. But I personally expected a much higher standard from TC this time round. Developers are supposed to improve with each game, not go backwards.


I can kinda understand why that is. There is a lot of man babies whining about things without offering any real solutions. The ratio of “whiney lil ■■■■■” to “constructive advice” is very out of whack. It’s probably a lot of crap to sift through that TC doesn’t bother.

Still agree that this game shouldn’t have launched in the state it was/is. I would have waited till Dec if it meant the product was bug free. I didn’t care that the next CoD was coming out. That probably affected their decision a bit.

I love the game too but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t hot trash right now and it doesn’t need to fixed

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Good for you!

I’m still playing it and doing my best to like it as it’s my favourite franchise. I really want to like it, but there’s just too much wrong. Some flaws are unacceptable…

We even struggle to finish the campaign in co-op with my brother. It’s been a tradition to do 1st playthrough together but after great Act I it’s been so tedious and boring. Not fun to play at all and even the story is just lazy.


I love gears 5 / other titles,but I spent a lot of money for this game,yes I like the campaign,horde,escape,but my son hasn’t yet received his collectables,and achievements,so if this game didn’t come with a bag full of bugs,my son,myself would be on the game rather then coming on to the community to give TC Feedback what is wrong with this game,No disrespect to you Op.

Yes it’s a great game! Best Gears yet.

These forums however i full of old, bitter people though. Refreshing to see a positive post!

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What you said Mortaigne.

Some people just didn’t want a new GOW.

They wanted Gears 3 again.

I used to play Gears 3 until I couldn’t see straight anymore.

I don’t want to play it anymore.

Now I play 5 until I can’t see straight, and loving every minute of it.


I understand that. But not communicating with your fanbase just makes things 10 times worse. It makes your fanbase feel like their concerns aren’t being listened too or taken seriously.

Communicating via other means, such as twitter and Reddit more than your offical forums, just seems so out of place. Besides there is a lot more toxic comments on twitter, where people only have 140 characters to give “feedback”, so they’re obviously just going to take shots at TC rather than say anything of worth, yet that is where TC communicate the most.

If I was TC, I would have made several threads asking for feedback on specific things e.g certain bugs, flashbangs, inverse omen, weapon balancing etc. Then holding polls using the information players provide, so that the community votes on what’s most important to them and get those things fixed first, which allows TC to prioritise resources and has the community involved and updated regularly. To be honest I would have done this while making Gears 5 if i was working for TC, making sure the changes are what the community wants, like throwing out taster clips of the new omen, setting up a Gears 5 weapon tuning playlist in Gears 4 so people can test it, showing concept ideas for a new Horde etc and using the feedback to make sure it’s what people want. Rather than throwing stuff at a wall and seeing what sticks.

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coming at you…Gears 5 is terrific!

But yet again another silly change…Flash Bang was perfect and now down to .3 sec of visibilty…1 sec perfect…and default perfect. What is the point of flashbang now???

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:00000000 am i trippin or did i read that correctly?! @OnyxCrimsonBlur


Best gears yet? This game is nowhere near being the best. More like sitting next to judgement as one of the worst.


You read it correctly and I have this response: