I like Gears 5, come at me

This campaign was my favourite of the series! Paduk is back which is great. I have played all the multiplayers since 2, but this is the first I have actually really gotten into. ToD is a great system which keeps me coming back. Also the ranking system isnt bugged for me. I think its great! Even if you lose, if you did good, you can still gain skill and vise versa. I thinks it’s a great system.

Also the old games felt bulky, this feels fluid. I love the gameplay.

Not a troll, just a fan who is tired of everyone only focusing on the negative.


I love the game i play it every day


You say the others felt bulky, yet Gears 3 was the smoothest and slickest out of them all.

Gears 5 is slower than Gears 4.

It’s good that you like it, someone has to.



Also this post makes me sad, real sad.


Despite it’s many, many problems I also like Gears 5. Seems all I evee see on this forum is hate for it, so it’s refreshing to see someone else who likes it too.


I don’t wanna come at you! Take a shower first, sheesh.


I can’t fully agree with your opinion on the Tour.

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It’s a good game, just a poor gears game if that makes sense lol, generic maps and slower movement and bad customisation/store annoys me.


Yes, as fluid as soil travelling through a pipe. Are you insane?

You can’t tarnish the old games, that’s heresy. Fair enough, though, if that’s your point…even if it’s wrong.

Campaign was decent but it’s difficult to focus on the positive when it comes in such short supply.


“as fluid as soil travelling through a pipe.”

I’m going to have to steal that one and use it irl.


Gears 5 is my new favorite.

I’ve played them all… alot!!! I’m a long time Gears Head.

This is as good as Gears of War gets people!!!


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out (really those hurt!)


What are you doing in forums?
This is a place for people to complain,otherwise they would be playing.


I’m really curious, why do you think Gears 5’s campaign was the best?
To me Gears 2 is still my favourite, with Gears 5 being my 3rd or 4th.

I personally felt the campaign in Gears 5 was really good during the linear parts of the campaign exploring the origin of the Locusts. But as soon as the skiff areas started it was :poop:.

The skiff areas were plain and boring. There were no interesting side quests to explore, they felt pointless and only worth doing for collectables or jack’s upgrades. The landscapes were the most boring I’ve ever seen in a Gears game and there was little to zero added lore to explore in the areas either. Also, you couldn’t separate from your teammates, which meant that if you weren’t driving you just sat there like a lemon in a wave machine. I honestly expected more from those area’s, rather than feeling like you were in an interactive loading screen. TC could have done a lot more.

Then that certain choice in the game, really knocked me out of it and the repercussions of my choice (saving Del) on the others felt hollow and emotionless, especially on the biggest character in the franchise. I really expected to be taken on an emotional rollercoaster like in Gears 2 or 3. But it was lackluster and dealt with extremely quickly. The death scenes for those characters were also terrible - a quick neck break by a “boss” we barely know or give 2 :poop: about, including from the past game. I swear Ryena’s total screen time between both games is like 10 minutes. This is not how a main character’s death scene should be. I personally felt more emotion when the female cog solider (who’s name i can’t even remember) got stuck in the truck and Clayton tried to help her. Then onto the bigger question, what happens in Gears 6… I don’t feel TC even have that figured out yet - It’s going to be awful.

Then onto my final point. The “main” boss of this game, the Kraken, was the most boring boss fight we’ve ever had and we had to fight it twice. It was so one dimensional and just terrible imo, me and my brother were even letting ourselves be tongue wrapped, because that was more fun than the fight! The Leviathan in Gears 4 was a more of an interesting boss fight than this.

Gears 5’s Campaign left me feeling the most divisive of any Gears campaign - and this was definitely the shortest campaign so far, which made the 2nd half feel extremely rushed.

So again, why is Gears 5 your most favourite campaign? I’m just curious to understand your opinion.


Paduk is back…but not in mp


Well when there is a ton of negatives in the game, how can you focus on the positives? Which isn’t much to be honest.


I will admit it seems that something has changed with the ranking system…I was third overall but lost and I went up like 800 pts. I played hard and feel that I was rewarded for it. Of course we were down a player in the first round but I feel like it rewarded me appropriately. Cautiously optimistic at this point.

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This is by far the buggiest gears in the franchise. Not just at launch too there’s new bugs being introduced when a patch comes out. /Looks at his disappearing trishots on the weapon lockers


Gears 5 has some issues but overall it’s still a great game. Once TC fixes the issues and makes some adjustments (which they already started), it’ll probably be one of my favorite Gears games.

I love the feel of the gameplay in this game, it’s super smooth. I also enjoy Tour of Duty which keeps me coming back on a daily basis.

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