I Like Em Crispy

Are the flaming weapons ever gonna return so people can get this achievement??? @anon86589457 @TC_Octus

I’m pretty sure, in some announcement, they said that if you weren’t able to get them through normal means that they would make them craftable.

I assume that once they drop the last set of achievements that the events will end and all cards will be made craftable for the community to snag whatever they want. I see no reason why they wouldn’t open all cards up at that point, anyway.

EDIT: Found this in a quick search. TC Octus said:

“We have learned from those past games at least when it comes to achievement design. We currently have Special Event related achievements in Gears of War 4, but they are tied to Weapon Skins. If for some reason our Event Support or Weapon Challenges for Gears of War 4 stopped, we have the ability to easily toggle those two weapon sets to Craftable at a future time - thereby making those achievements available for the foreseeable future without the need for support if necessary.”


thank you

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