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Are there those here who still need these achievements in the 4th part of the series, did the developers answer you? no one answers on Twitter, on the forum, or in support. Are all topics ignored or is this topic the only one?

U pretty much just get ignored, sry but thats TC for u.

It’s actually crazy that we’re approaching a year into Gears 5’s lifespan and these weapon skins weren’t made available to craft in Gears of War 4.

It can’t be that difficult. It’s a bad day when they prioritised a damn Nutcracker over this.


I check here often for news on those achievements but never see an update or TC comment .

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This is Forum! This is not Twitter! :roll_eyes:

Not everyone uses twitter.

Tell it to TC! :unamused:


Please try crafting these now and let me know if they work.

Has this been updated/fixed?

There is a change but from the only report I have gotten back about it so far the items are destructible and then craftable if you already own them.

So not quite there by the sounds of it but progress has been made

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I can check using an other profile if u like?


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Using this profile i can craft and scrap them when i highlight one of them (only checked lancer), but when i use my other profile neither of the skins appear in the customize menu, i tried lancer, overkill and dropshot.

It seems u have to unlocked them 1st for them to appear.


Thank you.

@TC_Sera it looks like there is a little bit more work to be done to resolve this issue.


Couldnt TC just add a loot box with these skins in them?

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I have no idea how the game is designed so I am not comfortable speaking to what is easy/plausible/possible.

I know TC couldn’t just award some horde skills that way for some reason.

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Im sure legend of sera will get it fixed💃

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@GhostofDelta2 I have/had all of the Midnight Omen skins and all of the Flaming except Markza, Boomshot, & Longshot.

I checked the three I was missing and none of them see the Flaming skins as greyed out (craftable). So I went to the Embar and was able to scrap its Flaming skin. But after scrapping it, it did not change to greyed out, it just disappeared.

Repeated the test with my Midnight Omen Embar. Was able to scrap it. But this time I tried to re-craft it while still in the Craft menu, which worked fine. Re-scrapped it and closed the Craft menu, the Midnight Omen Embar did not switch to greyed out, instead it disappeared.

So to summarize my findings:
Flaming & Midnight Omen skins are scrappable.
Flaming & Midnight Omen skins are only craftable while in the Craft menu immediately after scrapping.

Hope this helps your research Ghost


Thank you for the indepth response :slight_smile:


No problem. I worked as tech support for over 15 years, so I’m used to giving detailed instructions and testing multiple variables in a situation :sunglasses: