I lagged out of an escape match then i got a multiplayer ban

Yall really need to figure out your sh*t, like seriously wtf

I simply don’t believe one caused the other.

This is the definition of ironic.


This is probably his most pointless thread yet. And that’s saying something.

@GhostofDelta2 I think we know nothing constructive is going to come out of this thread.

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I bet one of their escape teammates lagged him out and then hacked their account to ban them from multiplayer.

Thank you for continuing to be the voice of the people

It’s always been common in multiplayer shooters.

I used to lag out of Halo Reach and get banned for weeks at a time, despite stubbornly sticking in matches that my friends would ragequit out of.

You can’t get a PvP ban for PVE play in Gears.