I know this has been brought up

So quitters and people who stand still to get killed enough almost to end a tdm match got to be handled in a new way. I’ve played 10-15 matches tonight and every single one of them had a quitter or a guy standing still for most of our teams life’s for 1 game. It does cause a huge problem for me you see what happens is one guy standing still then one quits you get steam rolled that’s a problem.

I think it’s less of a problem in TDM than in any other mode (in TDM I I’m glad when the weak players leave) but it’s still a problem.

I think quit penalties were very helpful and saved the game because, right before they were implemented, most matches I played had quits.
Now, maybe 1 in 3 has a quitter, which is still a lot, but playable as long as it’s not KOTH. Maybe they can tune it so people with a long history of this behavior get stricter penalties. So, if someone has been doing it for months but finishes just often enough not to get a big ban, they will get a more harsh punishment.

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I mean playing a 3v5 against other people that are at the same skill level it always puts me negative and I know it just can’t be me. They say as long as you personally do good it doesn’t effect your rank now let’s think about that those 5 players should be able to mow your 3 man team down and you are not going to go positive in a match someone has to win.

They may say that but it’s not true. I got 25 kills and MVP in a TDM the other day against gold and onyx but the 2 bronze, 1 silver, and 1 unranked on my team did terrible so we narrowly lost and I was demoed.

It’s such a garbage system where you can give a performance like that and still get demoed. That’s why I do not play for rank.

Yeah it’s supposed to be ranked. Every single last game I played tonight had a quitter. It was a really bad night. I’m actually turned off from playing the game tbh. I was hyped for gow5 but they need to do something like if there’s a quitter cancel out the damage that’s going to be done to your rank and still give the winning team their progression to their rank and demote the quitter 1 tier and suspended for a week and every time after another week then 3rd strike out for the season :+1:

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I used to get so worked up about quitters wrecking my ranked. in the end you have to not give a crap about your rank and just enjoy the game. you know the first gears of war didn’t have diamonds or golds it just had players. I miss playing the game with all random skill levels.

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I read the title and thought “please don’t be about midnight skins…”

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I do agree that quitting is a problem but the biggest issue with what you said is at the end of the day someone paid for this game and suspending them like that is probably a law suit waiting to happen. My suggestion is give quitters their own playlist and let them play with each other. Same thing with high ping players. The more you quit the longer you stay in that playlist. And to @Me0wMix_CatFood I agree with you on the system. It should be more like player rankings with major sports. Theres a team ranking and individual rankings. This system works when you play with the same team every game ie Esports teams. But not for everyday players.

Quitters playlist lmao never a game finished. I like the idea you have for now tho ranked is disgusting.