I know TC doesn't do work on legacy games but gears 3 is getting rediculous

Gears 3 servers are basically down and a lot of players have lost their progress which is hundreds of hours for most of us… surely there is something that can be done!


This has been an issue since launch. Epic never did anything about it, so why should TC bother?


If it isn’t their problem then…why did you…

Didn’t know this was the TC apologist site… some help or at least some sort of message to know if our stats are forever lost or just temporary would be good!

You said so yourself that you’re fully aware that TC don’t deal with GOW3, but yet you still come on here moaning about GOW3 (which in essence is fine if all you want to do is moan), but when people query why you’re asking/demanding/expecting TC to resolve this for you when you already know that TC don’t deal with GOW3 anyway, you start calling people “TC apologists”? Come on now… I’ve always known GOW fans to be a bit stupid, but…


Next time I have problem with my Playstation I’ll go complain to Microsoft…just because and all who laugh are Microsoft apologiests.

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And when a moderator comes to this thread and tells me to not use personal attacks and not to call people “stupid”, I will accuse them of being “apologists for stupidity”. :wink:


I don’t get this thread. I guess what you need to hear is It’s over man.

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TC won’t even fix ghost players in social in GoW 4 why would they bother with a game they didn’t make

The end of an era which sucks to say

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I guess I’d like to know for sure… there was actually another thread that we ended up getting a maybe on some work on legacy achievements… its why I’m posting asking for some hope.

Then proceed to harass them as it should be!

Sarcasm aside, I understand the frustration, but Epic flat out ditched the stuff and there is probably little TC can do with the legacy code and stuff.
Add to that it’s actually not their problem, well I wouldn’t count on anything.

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I mean, it worked for me.

Well there are still signs and wonders taking place <3

Can you elaborate, I play Gears 3 a lot and it is up and running, albeit only with about 100 of us , at least in koth?
The “players playing” has been wrong for years now.

Re stats, that bug is a pain. I have been reset several times. If you have a local save on your 360, it is easy to retrieve them. Look on YT for how to do it.u
If you can get them back, never quit Gears 3 by quitting mid match, closing down/shutting down you xbox, make sure you return to the Gears 3 slash screen, then turn off. This should stop you losing your Gold Wings.

Locust Forever


With the stat reset can I still get the party animal medal?

“Works on my machine” :upside_down_face:

I agree with you totally I contacted coalition many times to fix it. I don’t ask anything else from them besides that and also socialite, hype execution, forces of nature, seriously 3.0 and much more are bugged the game needs to be fixed! Yeah it’s EPIC game but if it got fixed in December it can be fixed again.

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You won’t be able to get socialite achievement which is the war supporter medal unless coalition fixes it.

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