I keep getting disconnected and kicked within the first minute I start a match (PC)

I always disconnect from the game after 10 seconds to a minute of being in a match and it always says Ive been
removed from the game due to the game timing out. My internet is fine though and so is my xbox live stuff since I can play Sea of Thieves with no issues and halo.


I made a thread on this issue too and rant about it every time I see another thread on it because it happens to me all the time on Xbox, and many others too; it happens to me so much that I’m getting fat suspensions for it and it isn’t even my internet–very unfair.
It just happened to me again today and now I’m suspended for another 16 hours.
I’m so done with ranked until this issue gets fixed or at least until I get my “rejoin match in progress” option back, because that option is gone for me and that’s even worse because now I can’t avoid getting suspended when the game removes me for no reason.
The bright-side is that the developers did address these issues a few weeks ago, so hopefully it will all get resolved soon.

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I’m not able to find a Ranked ffa game on PC at all today compared to finding them fairly quickly any other day

I feel like that might be a totally different issue, so I can’t really say truly what the reason for that would be, however, I can say that I have been avoiding ranked due to the issue that was described in the original post and by me.
Having said that, if others are avoiding ranked due to the same issues as me then that might be contributing to the difficulties with finding Ranked FFA matches, on top of the fact that the game-mode might not be as popular as others.

But that’s all just my assumptions, I can’t actually confirm if the reasons for the slow queue-times that I am explaining are the actual reasons.
It could be these reasons that I have described, or a variety of other factors that may or may not be in combination with my assumptions.
A lot of people do not experience the server/disconnect issues that myself and many others are experiencing, so I doubt that’s the only reason for the slow queue-times in Ranked FFA, although it might very-well contribute.

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There is also that, for some people, the game has become unplayable (sticky walls, impact of bullets in the void or opponent in sponge, non-existent bullets or non-existent shooting when pressing the shoot button and this impression of shooting for the one who kills you, advancement of certain medals blocked,…)
For me, I gave up (PC) until the next changes/adjustments .

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If you restart the computer usually fixes it. Search for horde first.