I keep complaining about ranked and will continue to do so

All knowledge I thought I had of the ranking system has been thrown out the window. I just had a game where our team’s score was 23k above the enemy’s so I didn’t expect to gain much if any ranking. We won the game and I gained points, but I dropped from Gold 1 to Silver 3. The game before that I was at Silver 2, lost one match cause bad teammates while I’m heavily positive, lost like 60ish points and it dropped me from Gold 2 21% to Gold 1 91%. The game before that I jumped from Gold 1 50% to Gold 2 21% cause I went 20/0 and won. I don’t understand this. I play well lose, and lose points. I play ok, win, and lose points, and games where I play well, win, gain points, and lose ranking heavily. Please Some dev or someone representing the Coalition please explain or something I’m on the verge of quitting this game, I love it and I just wanna have fun in a competitive environment but this rank system is ridiculous. @the-coalition

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