I just went 8-8 and won 2-1 in tdm and got -1200 points

someone help me ■■■■■■■ understand this please?

it is round by round individual performance

What are your stats according to Gears5.com? Pts per minute is what matters and if you went 8-8, you may as well say you went negative because assists count as kills in this game… So that performance wasn’t the best and only acquiring 8 kills in 3 rounds isn’t very high.

well I had 16 eliminations and about 8 kills and no assists do not count as kills

The title of the post says you went 8-8?

A lot of people lost points tonight.

I lost 450 when we won and I was MVP with 23-5 kills/deaths.

My friend @WVRattlesnake87 lost 4000 points over the course of 4 games, which we won all of them. He was very positive k/d wise too. He ended up going from silver 3 to silver 1

My other two friends lost 1700 and 1400 respectively too.

The ranking system is a joke


Dude like foreal I just went 15-7 and won 2-1 and went down 1000 points ain’t even joking

No point in understanding TC sucks hard

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Isn’t this because the system is based on percentiles and not me brackets.

Made up numbers used to illustrate my point -
Bronze 40%
Silver 30%
Gold 15%
Onyx 10%
Diamond 4%
Master 1%

Where % is the % of the player base. If you don’t play whilst others are playing you suffer from a passive mmr decay.

Player A has 1k points and logs off doesn’t play for a couple of days.
Player b has 800 points but keeps playing and ends up on 1100 points. They’ve now leap frogged and pushed player A further down the rankings.

I think this is what’s happening on a larger scale paired with the ‘reshuffling’ by TC.

For me the system should work on points. Again random numbers to illustrate my point.
Bronze >100
Silver >400
Gold >600
Onyx >700
Diamond >750
Masters >750

This way the system doesn’t punish players who can’t play every day. Just obviously this would have to have some decay built in. You’re still going to end up with the best players at the top, it just makes things a little more stable for the players in the middle.

yes, TC had to do another adjustment last night. i play regularly every night. so you can’t use the argument that others are gaining when i don’t play for 2-3 days or whatever.

i also play enough to know roughly if i will gain or lose points. i have never lost 1,000 points in match unless TC decides to do an adjustment. most i will lose in a match if i play horribly and my team loses 0-2 it like 400. 3 games in a row last night i lost 1,000 points each game. my team won each match, some 2-0 and i was always 2-4 place on my team with positive k/d’s. then, after those games i started gaining and losing points like normal. +350, -180, and so forth. Then out of the blue one game my team wins and everyone on it lost over 1,000 including me.

something was going on last night for sure. of course if you ask TC they will say they did nothing. i have played this game a lot and i know no matter how bad you play if your team wins you don’t lose 1,000 points. hell, i bet you could sit afk in a match and if you’re team wins you would not lose 1,000 points.

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I agree that the system makes no sense, the re-adjustments that TC seem to keep making act like placement matches as far as I can work out. I got ~60 elims in a KOTH and we lost 2-1 (3 quits on my team, 1 on the oppositions) and I gained 1900 ish points. The next game I got 45 elims MVP and we won and I gained 400 points.

I think they need to be more transparent with what actually awards points. But if they are and it’s just based off KDR mode like KOTH will just be unplayable/ never ending.

I haven’t really experienced the massive losses in points but at the same time I’m only in silver 2, this seems to be something that is effecting players in gold upwards.

yeah, i am in silver and play TDM.

found this post the other day and it explains why players are dropping rank with MVP & Wins. you’re getting minus points because of other players not your performance. it’s basically out of your hands unless you go on crazy winning/MVP streaks.

it’s a system that punishes you for not playing every hour, every day at the top of your game.

I had same thing but was MVP, 36-17 in KOTH . Had 14 captures and 8 breaks and we won 2-0 180-101, 180-66… I went down 1933 points!!

No. They just messed up when they tried fixing it. No one should be losing 300 points when they win a round and do good. It is broken and needs to be fixed


yea thats my actual score not my ■■■■■■■■ eliminations which means nothing

Broken rankings for a broken game…that’s why I don’t care about rankings in this game

I’m just waiting for someone to inevitably find some weird way to exploit things, where you’ll earn more points for doing poorly than you would for doing great.

Usually happens in these types of ranking systems. Going to be fun reading through the forums when it happens lol.

did you even read the post or try to understand it?