I just want the game I paid for

Seriously is it still too much to ask to get the game I paid for? 5 player teams across all game types with bot back filling? That’s what I paid for. That’s what should stay. You don’t improve a game by taking away content that’s has been established for years. You add and improve.
No one is playing this game anymore even after it’s been free on Gold.


I don’t really enjoy this game as much as I used to tbh

But hey what can you do a bout it


this literally applies for almost everything TC has done that came with negative regard and it hurts.


I’d love the game I paid for. The Gnasher was more consistent which isn’t hard considering this Gnasher is more useless than throwing an empty cereal box at an enemy. Also, controls that don’t constantly revert when a player chooses an alternate control scheme mid-match requiring the player to pause and un-pause constantly.

I’ve asked about 5x and even put in a support ticket for the control issue and they’ve ignored it thus far. Pretty pathetic for a company to do so on such an important feature to any video game. But hey that’s where their priorities are at and at the top of their list is to ignore any real issues and focus on more skins.


I just want Bernie!

Tag away lol


Just give us a Gears of War 3 remaster


TC: “Did somebody said Gears of War Judgement remastered!?”

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When people just want remasters… Devs have failed to innovate.




People just want the same old without any changes which is never going to be a success either. Nostalgia is a horrible thing. The fact that many still ask for a Gears 2 Remaster is proof of this.

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I’d want a gears of war 2 remastered campaign, that’s it. I love how TC fixed little inconsistencies in the first remaster like Anthony dying to an actual locust sniper, not like with Ess SnIpEr in epics gears 1 :rofl: and with Kim’s death, it was more dope, he actually put up a fight and it made RAAM look even more fierce.
So if I could see moments like Ben getting off that Raven and saluting Marcus, Dom, and Anya or Cole going ham on those drones but more modernized I’d be all for it.

Kinda like how infinity ward remastered the mw2 campaign, Its possible and I’d pay $60 for that campaign remastered lol.

It’s not nostalgia my friend. I just want what is already established to stay, then they can ADD content and something new. Taking away stuff that’s been established like 5 vs 5 and bot back filling doesn’t improve anything. It’s taking away content which made the game much worse. The matches aren’t as frantic and it is not fun when you start a match 2 vs 4 or you have players quit and you get run over by a team that just has more players. Gun tuning has always been a thing and I thought they nailed it with Gears 4 but apparently not.
And I think everyone is asking for remasters of past games proves my point that taking away content that’s already established made the current game worse.

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So are you asking for a gears 2 remaster? Because that would be horrible.
I’m not defending TC for some of the actions they’ve taken towards mp but I dont think a remaster will be the solution.

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Oh God no. Though I think it would be cool to have a “Gears remastered collection” of parts 1, 2 and 3 in the same vein as the Masterchief Halo collection, ultimately I just want Gears to have the essentials that have already been established on top of New ideas.
I’ve always enjoyed playing multiplayer Gears since part one. Especially Annex/King of the hill. It’s a great stress reliever for me. Always has been. But it’s gotten so much more worse and unplayable since they, for some reason I still don’t know, changed king of the hill from 5 vs 5 with bot back filling to 4 vs 4 with no bot back filling. It makes absolutely no sense to me to take away content that’s already been established. And like the title of this post states, I just want the game I payed for.

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“The Fenix Collection” title is starting to grow on me, as much as it’s not about Marcus mainly it’s a fitting name.
But yes I’d love to see TC remaster 2 and 3. I love the little details they included like I said above with Kim having a more sadder death and even something as small as the intro with us meeting Delta for the first time, in the remaster Kim passes Marcus a lancer but in the original, Kim gives Marcus a canteen of water.
Ik those probably are stupid things to get excited about but I like the effort put into gears 1s remaster.

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