I just want better hit detection in 6

I dont hate 5. Matter of fact, im quite fond of 5. But if I could get just one thing from Gears 6, it would be better hit detection in VS.
Today, playing FFA, it was awful. I was a broadband tech for a really long time. 15 years. . I understand data transmission. But programming not so much. Can anyone tell me why hit reg seems so bad sometimes. I dont know why but . Imhoo, its glaringly bad in FFA. I wont even play ranked FFA. I feel so disadvantaged.
Today, War Room in particular, the hit detection was just gross. I dont know why it seems worse on that map, but im saying that after playing on it multiple times. Pit and Core not as bad…but they had a few moments.
I quit clipping after too many to count point blanks that either didnt register, or gave out wonky #'s. Ive played this game long enough to understand when I missed, why I got a 97% or a 99% when I was just outside of gib range. I hit in a guy directly in the side of his head as he slid, I saw the pellets hit, it even weirdly started some type of animation where it looked like his head was gonna pop…the. booo…he shoots me…im dead…and it says I did 87%. For an extremely close direct head shot. And the encounters where you see a player coming full bore. You hold your shot for the gib, fire…hear your gun go off first…yet die to his gib. Why do I hear my gun go off first only for the shot to not count?
And lastly. The poke damage on the gnasher is just god awful and inconsistent. The hit reg that just drives me nuts is when i hit a guy 5 times at 5 metres or so…then im dead and I only did 13%. Or we exchange . Same distance. Same # of shots. Yet I go down.and only did 30% to him. . He downed me… Its chunks only. Now understand , i like playing for chunks. Its a shotgun. Should be deadly at close range. And deadly from 5 blast at 5-10 metres. And its not. Or sometimes it is and sometimes it isnt. I get gibs that surprise me as I thought I was outside gib range. I do 87% for shots I know I hit that were in gib range.
INCONSISTENCY…THAT IS WHAT I WANNA GET RID OF I understand the disdain for Fortnite from some people. Fine. Dont like it. But Ive watched Epic optimize and optimize that game until the hit reg is right on. Tc-bring an expert in hit reg in to do the coding if you have too. Surely Microsoft has a consultant or too. Or hit Epic up for a little knowledge. Just get it right. …

war room is so broken you don’t even get 120fps on it.

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@SnubbS i was wondering if all the animations theyve got going on in there affect hit detection. And yes…all kinds of clipping, jittering, and stuttering.

That’s the main reason I don’t play PVP often.
Also, I played 2/3 games of 14 players FFA and I had the same experience as you.

Mhhh whithout dedicated regional servers, I don’t see how that will happen…
Having 20 Ping to 160 either side usually needs to shoot somewhat in the air.

@Tinybel99 better coding can address a lot of that. That is what lag comp is supposed to do. Let whatever player that has higher ping play what they see on the screen… The game is really good with handling higher ping. Matter of fact…its over generous. Their prediction code for lower ping is what needs help.
I really think their are a few factors that affect this. I think the speed of Gears in general makes coding hit red more difficult. Then you throw in a FFA mode with 8-14 players all moving fast with reaction shots and wrap shots and wall canceling and AOE ballistics. And 8-14 different pings where everyone is essentially playing in a very subtle different place in space and time. And them…and this is a big one…all playing on different devices…meaning their is now the S and X… these devices will only help this problem eventually as they become more available and people upgrade. But people all playing on the Series S and the Series X, and the One X, and then the One S and lastly the OG xbox one. This makes for problems. Especially with people still using the OG. Xbox One. And then the One S(,what im on until i can friggin find a regular price Series X). The OG Xbox is SLOW PROCESSING. If it ever seems like forever for someone to load into a Ranked KOTH match, its most likely bc they are playing the OG xbox one. Im not dogging them. Its just facts. They process significantly slower than everything else. As does the one S compared to everything above it. Then lastly, you have people that still refuse to run an ethernet cord…yet still complain about performance in a comp online shooter. Which they have no ground to stand on. This has to be a nightmare for game devs. People dont ever think about this stuff. Ping plays a part in it…but its not the biggest issue.


Not just all that. Add in this noob casual way too far GIB range on crappy servers. Now its an atomic bomb of misses and stupid makes no sense percentages.

it’s directly related to player population. you get enough players near you, in your designated server and this inconsistency drops.

obviously playing on LAN is the most ideal situation and shows it’s not a bug or “netcode” issue like so many people think it is. game plays fine.

There will be better hit detection
Xbox will begin to use the new server blades real soon
It’s in testing already

According to xcloudtimdog on twitter
And that dude is legit

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hahaha, right!? first person i see comment this

@KITTY_CAT_ALERT id love to read what you read… can you give me any type of link?

@Goodacre brother-I was a broadband tech for 15 years. You understand that if everybody is playing on a local access network(lan) that means we are all basically playing together offline. Their is no transmission of data to remote servers. All data is handled (locally-thus the lan).-console to console… so based on your statement-it is not correct. Just because the game performs fine on a Lan connection does not mean that there arent net code issues or server programming issues or both that cant be improved. Lag compensation software is specifically written by game developers to address differences in ping discrepancies.Epic games and their millions and millions of daily players doesn’t seem to have a problem with the huge wide varied array of pings that everybody plays on. Obviously if you’re playing on very high there will be a delay from the time you fire a gun until it makes contact but it always registers. The point with lag compensation is to allow the laggy player to I “play what they see on their screen”. there’s communication between your console, tthe other players console, and the server. That is why at times when you are playing against a laggy player you get killed even though you’re behind cover. Because on their screen you aren’t behind cover yet because that information hasn’t gotten to them and they are playing what they literally see.on their screen which is you about to hit cover. Hit detection can be improved with better lag compensation code. Better predicting. If you are low ping, no prob-their is no predicting. If you are a lot higher ping than your opponent, their has to be better code to address this FOR YOUR OPPONENT WITH LOW PING. Not better code for high ping. Low ping has problems hitting high ping. High ping doesnt have problems hitting low ping.

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I follow xcloudtimdog on twitter
He’s super legit when it comes to Xbox

Since you look like you know
He said they are already testing the new Xbox series XS server blades and the connection is amazing
Probably getting everything ready for halo infinite


A quick google search brings this up
Even Phil spencer says they in testing

@KITTY_CAT_ALERT good news…see, I think TC gets dumped on a lot for things out of their control. Like servers…and 6 different input devices all with varied processing abilities. AND DUMB DUMBS WHO PLAY A COMP SHOOTER OVER WIFI AND COMPLAIN ABOUT GAME PERFORMANCE. I would love for matchmaking in 6 to group by wifi or ethernet. That would force a lot of people to run a wire.

The ONLY thing they deserve criticism for these days
Hmmm I think is
absurd weapon respawn times
slow player movement

As of this writing everything else I think isn’t their fault

Yes some people have slow and low data/wifi :man_facepalming:

But yes you’ll be happy to know gears 6 will be. Better shot wise?.

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@KITTY_CAT_ALERT nice to talk to a level head. Deuces.

Capcom went a step further and will not allow wifi in their tournaments.

Tournaments require both a connection speed of at least 3 Mbps or higher and a wired internet connection or else you will not be allowed to participate.



@Goodacre @KITTY_CAT_ALERT I mean…that is what everyone should be doing. At least in all ranked modes. I mean 3meg is not a high standard. I live in the ground floor of a 3 story apt building. And we have 4 xboxes in a 2 bedroom apt. 2;in my kids room. One in the den, and one in our bedroom. And every one of them is ethernet wired. I had to run wire along baseboards, and in spot across my kitchen floor I have it taped down there. My point is, its not hard to buy a long ethernet cord and lay it from router to xbox on top of the ground. If you cant make it permanent, put it down when you play and roll it up when you are done. Wifi and comp shooter do not go together.

Why I play 4 now instead

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