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I Just Wanna Say Gears 5 is Great

My mom reminds me that Gears5 is just on a opeum habit right now so addmitting it to rehab is the Best thing

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This works better than it should.

Is being on gamepass hurting Or helping TC finacially Because techniclly being on gamepass is not a sale Your just selling memberships

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Haha, good troll.

I actually came in to show support to someone who liked the game, and respect him for voicing such an unpopular opinion, lol… :wink:

You got me…


@Link23809 Omen misses you




It’s a kick to the balls because they expect players to buy stuff from the commerce store. What they didn’t anticipate on is the serious backlash on their unfinished trash game no one wants to play.
But it’s a Microsoft title, not like they are hurting for money. That would explain why they never want to take the time for updates to fix this trash game.

It’s at 29.99 right now. They will probably start giving it for away for free when you buy a year of Xbox live lol

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Technically it’s trash? It’s strongly considered one of, if not the actual best technical showcase for UE4 to be released to date.

Kill cam isn’t accurate btw. See ya!


Game pass also ruining online play by adding a whole new population of quitter’s.

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Just turn them off, you’ll be happier lol.

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I’m one of the few on here that actually likes the game. Not the Best by far but I have fun playing it because I just love Gears. I probably won’t spend any more money on it but I do play the shitz out of it. TC will fix most of the issues, won’t be perfect by far. I feel bad for all the players with connectivity issues and not finding matches. That shitz really sucks. Guess I’m one of the lucky ones in a good region. Drink some Drank, smoke a little and go get Active is my Motto.

Before i played gears 5 i thought console games were always bug free.

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I think you have a valid point. I believe there is a place for game pass, but not for new releases, maybe a few months after release.


I really hope you’re just trolling. The amount of games that release broken is incredible and way worse than Gears 5.

Also, here is why it’s regarded as incredible. And

I agree 110%. A horrible and unnecessary change.

That applies to the movement as well.


I am not trolling, i did made a small overstatement.
Most games i play dont come with bugs.
For me gears 5 is the first game i played with this crazy amount of bugs.
I couldnt even complete the ffing campaign. cmon man how bad is that.
The menu was full of bugs, achievements / stars not registering.
Silver surfers,
And dont get me started on the multiplayer. ( and i dont mean my opinion, just bugs)
Every problem they fixed, creates 2 more problems.
The game was rushed and not propperly tested.

The video’s you provided are about graphics.
Yeah i give you that the graphics are awesome.
The details are very very good.

That does not mean that game is well put together.

Well how many games do you play Day 1? Almost every game I’ve gotten Day 1 (especially nowadays, old disc releases don’t really count) has some sort of horrific bug. Some games just have it way worse, ie: Anthem, Fallout, and whatnot.

I played a lot, i dont experience bugs much in other games.
And i agree with you it has become worse over the years.
Luckily its mostly for games i dont play.
I just hope your not defending gears “because a lot of games have bugs”.
The other guy also made that remark.
If a company delivers a broken product it is not ffing ok because other companys also do that… cmon man.
The standard is being lowered by delivering unfinished games.
And the reason why i commented is because the other guy said that the game technically is very good and it is possible it is the best with this engine.
And as i said. The graphics are great, but thats it.
The game is full of bugs, mistakes etc… so for me technically its ■■■■.