I just played Horde for 2 hours & got NOTHING!

So I just got this game yesterday. WAS really excited to get back into Horde. But just now I played Horde on Advanced difficulty for what seems like around 2 hours on the Exhibition(?) stage (stage that kinda looks like an aquarium). I FINALLY found a good group of randoms & we beat all 50 waves. I got the achievement for it & everything. But then a error pops up at the end saying that match results couldn’t be retrieved or what have you & I just simply had no choice but to quit out to the title screen. Very disappointing…

Quit and then re-open Gears 5. Your rewards should be there :smiley:

Yeah I played escape four times in a row and got error message and got nothing for it I know what you mean

Nope! Didn’t get anything

Welcome to Gears.