I just have one wish

I’m hoping that there is a vast improvement in the sound mix in the game itself and also I’d like to see a return to the type of music we had in 1-3.

It was well discussed on the old forums and dev acknowledged that the sound in terms of timing when they played and also hearing footsteps was simply not up to scratch. Gotta hope this has been sorted for 5, I mean really fixed.

But to me the theme music to the game doesn’t carry quite the same bombastic style to it that I felt imbue our senses to the game. The 4 theme is fine, it’s ok, but I just think something that brings you into the game more would be better.


The music and sound effects in this game are horrifically low-budget compared to its predecessors. This menu is easily the worst by a mile, J.D’s face? Really?

Footsteps are also fatally inconsistent. Let’s hope they correct these very simple things in Gears 5.


I thought you guys in the UK use the metric system?:rofl:


Well I’m using this. Also:




Corrected now. Much obliged.

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