I just had an incredible idea. Remember that Golden Custom Lancer in GoW 4?

Yeah, that’s right. If you bought a real life PDP Golden custom lancer on Amazon or select resources, it came with a code for a actual in game gold custom lancer that had the same or similar gold from Gears of War 2. I miss the day when Gold actually looked like gold and was a solid skin, don’t you? Like black ops 1 had the best golden guns I have ever seen, and Gears of War 2 had the best gold guns in my opinion. COALITION please bring it back! I would love to have a limited time offer to get that gun again!! Maybe make it a one time, one day supply drop if you log in that day eh? >:) Keep it special or for the dedicated Gears fans. But do hurry please with the characters. Gears 4 has so much. Super hard to go onto Gears 5 with such lame looking and boring characters and having to wait for characters that look 10 times better. Maybe prioritize better? IDK…

You should call that Gold skin: Gears of War 2 Gold :3

Tbh, gold skins don’t look good anymore IMO. They overrated.

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The gold skins you get from ranked look pretty gold to me:

Ew. I don’t like that lol

why not…i am all for it…providing they dont try and charge iron for it.