I just got win arcade matches as a tour objective


I just got an objective on the tour of duty to win arcade matches. What can I do?

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Can’t u reroll those

Same here. This is so like TC to do that… wtf.

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Sure, but then we lose a daily because they can’t be ■■■■■ to take it off the daily rotation?

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As Shinnizle said, yes we can do that, but we will lose the reroll that could have been used for a better reward and progress further in the tod

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Tough love
is TCs answer to that

Until they can fix it we kind of just have to deal with it
welcome to Gears 5, we aren’t always functional but we have fun around here, right?

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You waste a daily reroll, but think of it as a long term investment and gamble. If you get an achievable objective you can complete that, and then the following day you’ll get another brand new one - all 4 completed objectives will refresh (plus you get a free reroll). Otherwise leaving the arcade objective will just block a slot indefinitely and only the other 3 will refresh.

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The best one I had so far was “win a 2 v 2 gnasher match” so I rolled and got “win 5 Arcade matches” lol.

If its gonna stay can we at least do the Arcade challenges in private lobbies for the time being lol.

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Yeah, I guess you are all right. I will use my reroll today. Thank you all for taking time to write =).
See you around and if you ever need help with anything (campaing, escape, horde or pvp) just hit me up =)

Write a ticket and wait a few month or well reroll (I always rerolled Arcade wins before anyways, too much hassle).

Unless your reroll also lands on Win X Arcade Matches :smirk: then you wasted your reroll and would need to drop tomorrow’s reroll to hope and get it away.

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Yes, but as I said, it’s a longer-term gamble/investment. Otherwise it’s just permanently blocking a space. Given how many possible Versus objectives there are, statistically you’re much better off rerolling until you get something achievable.

I know that, the problem is we shouldn’t have to because TC has their head up their ■■■. I did re-roll it, because I know TC doesn’t give a ■■■■ and will not fix it, but I only got to do 4 dailies instead of 5.