I just got my Diamond rewards for Season 3!

However, I still don’t have my diamond master emblem, but I’m sure that’l come later today.


Nice! Thanks for the heads up. I got Gnasher, Torque and Retro

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Retro, gnasher, and torque, Btw I played with you in ranked b4.

It’s all the weapons you earn from TDM. And yeah I remember. I’m sure we’ll play again soon

TC just tweeted this out:

Got my diamond long shot & finally completed the onyx set

Its about dang time! Finally

I only got my onyx rewards bah

What do you get for gold

Gold Weapon skins probably? I could be wrong though.

I’m awaiting my skins still so later this week. I want my ugly Diamond Snub just for the hell of it lol.

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Yeah you get gold skins. They look pretty good.

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I got me a gold gnasher, a gold retro lancer, and a gold torque bow.

How many do you get for 1 gold rank?

I hope they better bring the diamond 5 emblem soon.

Got my diamonds baby, finally!

I still don’t have my diamond medals from Season 2 and 3 on the website even though I got my rewards in-game. I can see all other medals but not my Diamond medals in KOTH, that’s weird.