I just got a Carrier on wave 15

Did the definitions of bosses and mini bosses change?

Already been reported. One theory I’ve seen is that the Wakaatu knocked the Carrier straight into mini boss tier.

Ok… And i got it 3 times in a row… I faiked the wave over Nd over (wanted a warden) and it kept giving me a carrier over and over…

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Carrier is basically a boss wannabe.

Lol I welcome anything which reduces the chances of sentinels showing up :grin:

Does that mean that the carrier knocks the snatcher into scion level status?

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Ehhh… if you ask me, Snatchers can cause more chaos than a Carrier, as the Snatchers approach both faster and can easily down a player from range(and do space leaps of faith across the entire map if someone is down… don’t stand where it lands - jumps may also unpredictably occur when no players are downed) as well as having a melee attack that requires precise timing to dodge properly. Carriers are slow and really only an issue if allowed to get close because someone shot the Matriarch right at the start of the wave.

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Should’ve been the flock IMO

At least you didn’t get a Swarmak and 4 (one Bastion shielded) Wardens in a single wave. Granted it was Frenzy but still.

Yeah that’s basically what happened. Bumping the Carrier down let us fit the Wakaatu in without creating a duplicate enemy set (because the bosses are attached to the enemy sets).


As I didnt have the chance to play more against a Waakatu in horde (as Cyberpunk is getting most of my attention now), I’m curious about one thing, is Waakatu fighting with Players AND Swarm? Or it’s just like regular boss that will instakill team (i met him on daily 12 horde, it just instakilled 2 players when it appeard from below ground)

@AmicableWall421 im with you on Snatchers…Snatchers are a mug. Whenever I get a carrier…im like “Sweet…piece of cake”. With the 10x damage coming out of your ability playing as infiltrator, Carriers and Snatchers can be one shot though…but ill take a Carrier any day over a Snatcher.

With the Wakaatu in I would of removed the Kestrel and kept the carrier as a big boss.

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About the Carrier and the Wakaatu; I did a frenzy on River last night and had 2 enemies left though we could just see one, The Carrier. We thought it was a little strange that we only got one boss in the last wave. When we all ran out of camp with focus set on The Carrier all of the sudden a Wakaatu pops up through the ground. No one saw that one coming though it felt like a fresh breath of air.

I think that the Kestrel usually puts up more of a fight than the Carrier even though the Kestrel might not be that fun of a boss.

So making the Kestrel as a sub boss!? :smirk::smirk::smirk:

Def agree, just feel like the Kestrel is out of place.

Lmao! Don’t give TC any ideas. To be honest would like to see it taken out of horde. :blush:

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carrier is a pain in the ■■■ since so many people max’d their demolitions/tactician/infiltrator to burst it down. carrier is actually 1 of my more dreaded bosses simply because people fall into the trap of attacking it instead of clearing everything else due to the lack of damage we have.

I personally only find it an “issue” when players would shoot or somehow otherwise make the Matriarch come for the base while we should be trying to clean up the other enemies first in the Carrier + Matriarch spawn.

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