I just earned an achievement for wings without having wings

So the Re-Up for wings 100 points achievemement just unlocked and I’m not wings. Have they adjusted total cumulative xp you need now?

Either way, you will be so if you got it early, who cares at this point.

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Are you kidding me lmao…

I was sitting at re-up 10 level 100 since March 2017 and just reluctantly re-upped this November so I could get the achievement. Ffs I guess I should have waited to see if I got it like you

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Who cares?

Certainly not The Coalition.

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Am I the only one that’s OCD that he has 24 unread messages?


They’re all messages containing bad words where I can choose who to get banned when I feel like it :thinking:

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Their names will forever be etched into the Book of Grudges. Their wrongs will be accounted for and they’d best steel themselves, for a reckoning is at hand!

…in a few decades. We need to stew in our anger.

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Sometimes I send them messages when I finish matches if on my own team and they performed badly. Instead of swearing I just send

“I strongly disagree with your playing style and hugely feel that you could benefit from either not playing from this day forth or reverting back to competitive warm up indefinitely”

They then respond with swear words :man_shrugging:t4: It’s like a game of chess. It’s now my move :smiling_imp:.