I just downloaded Gears 5, what's the state of the game?

For starters I’m playing on PC. I’ve played a few matches and it feels like the game isn’t super active. I’m only level 22 so I can’t do ranked, but I’m hoping when I get up to level 30 and can play ranked that there will be more of a population to play with since the game always felt more competitive and I’m assuming most of the playerbase is in ranked mode. As it is right now, when I play QP it just has so many bots in most matches. (To be fair I have a flipped sleep schedule and tend to play at around 3AM EST) Is there still a regular population of people who play the game?

Also, what’s up the with the map rotation? I swear I only get the same 5 maps. Forge, Vasgar, Icebound, Lift, and training grounds. I thought I was crazy and that I just had bad luck but when I went to go host a private match I looked at the map list and sure enough there’s like 10 other maps. How come those maps never get thrown into rotation? I’d KILL to play some matches on Canals.

You will get more bodies in ranked, and for some reason the map rotation works better in ranked. I play mostly arcade for PvP and I too get the same maps, but if I jump on ranked ill get a newer one right away, don’t know why that is.

You also have to consider that gears 5 has a ton of different modes, ranked, QP, arcade, FFA, gridiron, hord, escape, etc. I think thats why the games population can feel diminished

Gears 5 gives console players an option to disable crossplay with PC players which might affect your experience of player population.

Also yes, the only modes active during that time are in ranked. Quickplay tends to be active in the evening rather than early morning.

Also, there are currently 9 maps for 5vs5 in Gears 5.

Edit: According to this website, there were 1.7 million monthly average users for Gears 5 last month. http://gamstat.com/games/xbox/

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I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty skeptical of that site since it said that Gears Judgement has 110,000 monthly active users and that 40,000 of those were new users for the month of April. That seems… incorrect lol.

As for maps, I guess I’m just unlucky lol

Gears Judgment is on Gamepass so I don’t doubt it has some kind of player population (especially during the pandemic) though of course no website is completely accurate.

Glad to know I’m not crazy and that they’ll be more maps in ranked mode. I just really wish they’d lower the required level from 30 to like 20. I get if you jump into ranked you’re going to get smacked around real easy, but level 30 seems excessive. I’d assume the idea would be for players to get more familiar with maps? But that also seems to be it’s own issue in QP lol.

It’s one of those issues with tons of game modes. Even if they’re really cool and really fun, all it does it splinter the playerbase. Hopefully when I get into ranked matches it’ll be okay

Have you tried QP co op vs ai? They made the bots more difficult so they play more like real people.

And the level 30 requirement for ranked was added recently. It was for several reasons including discouraging players from using alternate, low level accounts in ranked. In addition, it was put in place to improve the experience of solo players who seem to always get teamed with inexperienced squad mates.