I just dodge an army of terminators as a blade master on the malfunction = gotta practice every day lol

It worked out in this instance but during your ult you should really be trying to hit as many enemies as possible. That Dr1 at the beginning would’ve died from 2 melees. The more enemies you hit, the safer you’ll be. You started taking alot of damage there when your ult ended.


the rocket bot is annoying one on act 2 with 2 drones lol

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Oh I know. Ive died many many times to them. If you can kill those 2 devastators you should be good. Those 2 devastators are the hardest part of the hive, imo.

true where i use the gunner class with the stump version, i only got hit by 2 shots with embar on act 1 with blade master lol

Does my screen have all these “bubbles” on the floor? What is that?

poison ashes = venom, without that knife is useless lol

I guess i just dont look down that much.

thats the problem with blade master = venom too slow gotta wait for it unless its faster venom mod lol

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I don’t mind waiting personally. It’s team mates who want to push on ahead that can be a problem.

Also, on some hives where there is a large number of enemies, you essentially have a fixed amount of time to fight them which you can’t really change. You don’t have the luxury of say, doing the prior area quickly to create more time for the second section for example, because the venom only moves at the same pace. You kinda have to ride the venom all the way. At least with non-venom dependent classes, you have much more control over how to manage time (within reason). If you can get through earlier fights super quick then you have more time for what comes later.