I just cant take Gabe serious as a Cog Soldier. Dude looks like A Cherubic Plumber

@Watery_shoe im with you. Im the op. I didnt realize the fix was done. His face just doesnt look right. And he might.not be fat under his armor…but he sure looks like a fat ■■■ plumber runnin around out there.

So here’s the most important question I didn’t see anyone ask :

What on the damn planet is a “cherubic plumber”?

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I’m still waiting for the jury’s decision on that one as well.

Thou doth protest too much

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A pal of mine gave him the nickname “Big Booty” for a reason lmao. At least his textures look a lot nicer now.

This is why we are Hard-core Gearheads…body shaming one of ourbrave soldiers :grin::smiley::astonished::grinning::wink: instead of moaning about Gnashers, 88% etc…

I haven’t wandered onto a forum for pre-teens talking about X-factor, have I :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve just noticed that Gabe’s hair is quite similar to Guts’ from Berserk when he wore the Berserker armor the first times. Is it just me that i’m tripping?

He looks like an anime protagonist while the other tactics dude with an eyepatch looks like and anime antagonist

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having the childlike innocence or plump prettiness of a cherub.
“a round, cherubic face”
So basically this adjective for an overweight out of shape plumber. I think the plumber reference comes from the way his armor belt makes it look like he’s low riding his pants with a tool belt on.

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oh ok I can see it now lol. I like Gabe but idk, his armor just bugs me, his giant cowl is the biggest reason as to why I dont play him.

@grey_mineman its his armor that bugs the hell.out of me more than anything else also. The cherub face I can kinda overlook…his armor just looks like a bunch of hand me down armor from his grandparents. Kinda like the football helmet ive got of my uncles from the 40’s. Its leather and weather worn and looks absolutely useless for head protection . Which ironically, Civilian Anya and her stripped down armor look is awesome. Ive been pimping civilian anya quite a lot recently. Gabe could be so much better.

agreed, I like Sids though, its simple but Gave has this theme of ¨gears on crack¨, to me i wouldnt be surprised as maybe it was scrapped ideas of Marcus´s armor. its too much in other words, im glad that the armor design in these newer games are taking a more subtle approach to the new armor. Civilian Anya imo has never looked better lol. I use her quite a bit and ive never been one for using female characters but they look really nice in this game. I would use recon Gabe but im not paying money for that.


Think : Super Mario after a 2 week cruise with a 24hr open buffet.

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@grey_mineman yeah man. I love Civilian Anya. She has been my main lately. Her armor is awesome. And agree with you, id use recon Gabe as well. But ive already bought enough bundles. Im not buying another one. Especially for only one skin.

yeah ive my fair share of bundles from gow 5 and im not ready to buy another. id say my ¨main¨ has def been lizzie since shes been out. it was Fauz before that and in 4 i pretty much only played commando dom (new) and gary.

*bought my fair