I just cant take Gabe serious as a Cog Soldier. Dude looks like A Cherubic Plumber

Can you at The Coalition please hurry up and fix Gabe. The winner of a ffa match I was in today was playing as Gabe. And when they showed him on the winners screen i was repulsed that I got beat by an overweight plumber with the face of a baby Angel. Their is no way in hell that guy has been through COG basic. He would have been soap and pillow cased right out of there just for showing up that overweight and out of shape. And just for creeping people out with those super unnatural chubby rosey cheeks. Looks like his gran gran just got through pinching them…or he is habitually embarrassed. Either way, please fix him so he looks a little more “soldierlike”. Please.

I like how gabe says DONEZO in the batman voice


Gabe reminds me of Woody from Toy Story with those rosey cheeks.



I thought they’d fixed him? :rofl::rofl:

They did. The rosy cheeks are gone, or at least, extremely hard to notice, and his face is more textured.

As for the overweight bit? Gabe clearly has muscles.

Well, Oscar was a tubby one too…

Gabe is far from chubby. Play Tactics and check out the cutscenes where he’s planning the attack to draw Ukkon out. Dude is diesel as hell.


1:08:39, this, right?

cLeArLy He’S fAt

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Yeah, and he was noticeably fat. Even with Gabe’s armor, he doesn’t look fat, he looks bulky. Especially now that we have Recon Gabe viewable in the store, we can better see bis physique.

It’s pronounced ‘Motorpool’ :wink:

Wait, the fix has gone through?!
I thought it hadn’t, he still looks weird.

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First Gears 5 appearance:

Gabe now:

I think I prefer the old one :joy:

The old one looked worse in-game.

The COG needed Gears , and fat people pack a lot of strength.

I kinda like the dude , the main problem with him is …
… his daughter.


I mean, to be fair Gabe is less a frontline soldier like Marcus and as the game he’s from, a Tactician?

Not to mention if you’re looking for ‘fat’ compare Armored Tai with Hollow Storm Tai.

Gears 2 Tai is a chub chub.

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Gears needs a few portly characters. No sense in everyone being all jacked. We already have a few skinny guys like Mac and Zarn. Lets bring in some plump protagonists to give voice a very underrepresented character in gaming: the chubby hero.

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That’s fine, except Gabe isn’t fat.

This image is less for you and more for the OP.

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I think he has a bit too much shine to him? Looks a bit plastic (not sure how well that translates into actual gameplay with different lighting)

I think his mother-in-law is a bigger problem.