I hope that Gears 5 doesn't have microtransactions, but if TC wants to have it, please add "How many packs do you want to buy"

Please, I had more than 450.000 CR and I wanted to buy many feral horde packs, but I was soooo bored just buying 1 pack at a time. And I don’t want to spend real money to buy 5 packs at a time (the only real money that I spent was on the season pass…). I have 2 videos, one to show how many credits I had (450.500 aprox) Between buying and opening packs, I spend 10 minutes on 40 packs (aprox) (16.000 credits) (I know that X button can show every card, but I like to reveal one card at a time). I played some horde matches, so I gain almost 12.000 CR more.

Videos are only for proof and to count how many packs I bought and credits I spent.

Video showing me buying packs (very fun and interesting… :confused: ) (10 minutes)

My last Feral Horde pack, and my new CR balance

Data (aprox) (without counting the extra 12.000 CR)

I spent 345.400 CR, opening 864 packs and spending more than 200 minutes (4 hours) of my life :open_mouth: . I just stop buying packs because of boredom, but I still need more Epic skill cards


There are almost no delays using the cards area of the site. You can destroy all duplicates per category too.

I agree with adding this, how many packs to buy.
Two or three weeks ago, I was spending like 170,000~ Credits on 400 Credits Rise of RAAM Packs.
It took me like half an hour or 45 minutes to buy 'em all then open 'em all quickly after that.
But I still felt like it was a long time, including scrapping them all after.
As for microtransactions, it’s almost likely to be included, it’s always been.
The Season Pass was a microtransaction as well, an online purchase.

I have “luck” to only spent 80.000~ on Rise of RAAM. But I know that feeling of “I don’t know how many time (and/or credits) I spent, but I still need Vold RAAM card”:sweat_smile::roll_eyes:

if they do keep micro-transactions in gears 5 they should also implement a “premium” scrap thing that allows you to trade it in for limited time packs/esport packs

Thanks for the info :slight_smile: I always forgot something like that exists xD

Its most likely they will, just implement it better.

Also I agree with the OP, but i wonder if they could add buy X pack functionality now on the card app.

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they could easily implement it i cant imagine it’d be too hard since they already do it for real currency,maybe it’s a tactic to try and make people buy mega packs/5-10 pack bundles so the player doesnt have to waste so much time buying packs individually, i’m sure somebody has caved and bought a mega over buying 50-100 packs individually

I only had to get 9 packs to get both of the rise of raam characters.

Its possible. But I wonder who actually is in charge of the microtransactions, maybe they made the call to omit that feature haha.

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