I hope tc does something where they let fans create skins

i remember when they had like a contest i believe in gears of war 4 for fans to create lancer skins. just think it would be cool and same character skins to maybe. i just be having ideas for character skins and i’m sure others do too. Just hope TC gets fans involved again for something creative.


I think TC will take ideas for skins, I remember dana saying something about it awhile back. @TC_Sera is this correct?

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i hope so and @TC_Sera if so please let me know who to try and contact :slight_smile:

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Ideas are nice to hear, as long as they re given with the understanding that the devs are still free to say ‘no’ to making it.


Black Phantom skin for Jack, please. :pray::pray::pray:


They could go nuts with the <any color> phantom weapon skins and it seems like tweaking the existing purple or black could be relatively easy


In my work we cant say “no” as the customer is always right… even when wrong.



I hope in Gears 6 they include the customisation of Gears Tactics. that would be badass. no need for characters when you can create your own

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I miss the white armour medic cog from gears 4

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It’d be nice like in gears 4 with all the special versions of JD and the Lancer

are we as a community free to say ‘no’ to changes we don’t like? I’m concerned that there’s a significant part of the community that isn’t being listened to. Say, a twitter feed isn’t completely reflective of the community and to be fair neither are the forums.

I feel there is a huge conflict between the “loud minority” and the latam community for example. Maybe not enough feedback is gathered from them?

I’m also concerned about the rate in which things tested in the beta playlist are implemented into the game. Is the feeling that the community is positively supporting pretty much every single patch note or that the studio simply knows what the player wants more than the own players do?

I mean, the player base will continue to adapt but I’m not sure adaptation is the best measure. At one point, we are just shuffling the same deck of cards in a different way.

i appreciate you being around these forums.


General motors tech support: Good morning how can I help you?
Always right customer: Your POS car just crashed. I need a new one!


Gordon Ramasy incoming

But how can they sell you a skin for $3-10 if you can make your own? Haha

Customization took a back seat the moment companies began selling individual skins for profits because who would buy their mtx if players could make their own characters?

truly would like the tactics customization, especially for weapons, or at a minimum starter weapons.

Yeah, call it Build-a-Gear, like Build-a-Bear but in gears

̶D̶e̶l̶i̶v̶e̶r̶y̶ ̶D̶r̶i̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶J̶a̶c̶k̶ Amazon Drone Jack first


Since you can’t use the Anya skin for Jack but they have 2 Halo characters already then they could spoof Cortana with Jack - A tiny blue Anya called Cort Anya :laughing:
Since parody isn’t subject to copyright then no need to pay royalties or eviscerate all but 6 of his cards and yet people with unhealthy obsessions with Anya could play absolutely any role and be happy :wink:

Gordon ramsay skin incoming