I hope TC does more campaign dlc’s!

Just tried out hive buster and was absolutely amazed at how well designed it was! Only thing I didn’t like about it was that it ended! Keep it up TC!


I hope TC do more campaign DLC and Gears Tactics 2 (they did a great work with them) and forget about doing F2P/P2W games like Gears POP!

But before forgetting and shutting down the servers for POP!, help the community who didn’t pay (or paid less than the necessary to “buy” those achievements) to complete those pesky 2 last achievements.

Completed it for the first time yesterday. It was alright, but it’s still difficult to take Mac seriously with his painfully ugly new face.

I wasn’t a fan of the missed opportunity with Hana Cole either, when she used the King Raven’s Minigun. Perfect time for her to go “Woo!”, make Daddy proud.

Agreed. It was so disapointing hearing her say whatever it was she said. It hurt hearing it so much i blanked out whatever it was. I wanted her to Woooo or call it a sucka.

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