I hope I got a 90 day ban

I seemed to have been banned after playing a couple of Gears 4 Horde matches 70 days ago - since 22nd March 2018 I am really hoping I will stop getting Error 0x80190190 in 20 days.

I had being trying out a combination of Scout class skills:
+120% Health Boost
+175% Health Regeneration Speed
+120% Shotgun damage
+225% Melee damage, 55% melee damage reduction
25% melee and shotgun damage returned as health

On casual I discovered that pretty much makes you unkillable, unless a Carrier grabs you and pounds you into the ground! I spent most of the time in the middle of the map while the enemies whaled on me. I still tried to pick up as much power as possible before the wave ended and return it to the Fabricator, and revive the other players. I am guessing one of the other players reported me for cheating, and now I cannot play Gears 4 anymore.

THey are not banning for Horde quits. They are are banning on Ranked VS matches.


I didn’t quit, I completed all the waves, and yet not long after that match I was unable to play. I had only been playing Horde for the past 2 weeks.

I posted in the Bigelowe thread (link above), but never got a reply :frowning:

So I’m just hoping it is a 90 day ban, and next month I can get back to playing the game series that I love. I obviously won’t play like that as a Scout again.

If the ban is permanent, then it seems really unfair compared to the ranked versus bans which are only temporary. It would be different if I was actually cheating and was playing a modded PC copy, but I am an Xbox One player.

Social rules apply for Horde so you won’t receive a ban no matter why. Being reported by other players should affect your matchmaking searches but in no way prevent you from playing the game. Bad reputation pairs you with players of similar reputation but that’s it.

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no clue what this guy is talking about because you dont get banned for playing as scout on horde or for even quitting horde at all. clearly you got banned for either cheating or quitting ranked matches.

I hardly ever play ranked (since I can never find a match, even after searching for 2 hours) and I don’t recall ever quitting. My last ranked match was 10th March 2018, I believe I am Bronze 1 in rank.

I’m telling you it started after playing Horde as an unkillable Scout on 21st March 2018, and I can see how that would trigger a cheating algorithm. Although I personally believe I was reported for cheating (along the lines of “look at this dude in this game clip, he has 25 enemies on him and yet he is still standing, ban this cheating a**hole”).

I have no idea how you can hack or mod the game code on the Xbox One.