I hope Gears 5 has a deep story like The Last of Us and God of War

I feel it’s really important that Gears 5 has a good story and they fleshen out Kait’s character like Ellie’s from TLOU. A good story/campaign is critical nowadays and I hope Gears 5 gives us the same feeling as playing Gears 1 for the first time (and being blown away).

Those two games were masterpieces imo when it comes to story-telling and games in general.

I can’t expect a game like Gears to match that because of it having MP.

Although it will be no doubt a strong entry and looks far better than what we have seen before - especially with 4 having that rushed vibe - it won’t be an all time great because it does more than just a story-led Campaign.

This doesn’t detract from the experince nor do I enjoy it any less but it does mean it won’t reach the heights of those games for story alone.


I wouldn’t expect anything like The last of us, God of war or any other single player only game. And Gears doesn’t even need to be like that. As long as the campaign is entertaining and interesting all’s good. There are other games to go to whenever I want an immersive story that I can enjoy replaying several times.

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TLoU actually has some brilliant mp modes.
A great and lengthy campaign and excellent mp experience can coexist.
Uncharted 4 is a excellent example.
massive and varied, not to mention gorgeous campaign, loads of multiplayer modes and a Horde mode.

I want the campaign to be totally epic and somewhat dark. Less DBs as well :wink:

The versus mp of Gears is a lot more work, though. Weapon balance, movement, map flow, gametypes etc require a lot of fine-tuning. It’s easy to tell that the multiplayer didn’t get as much attention in The last of us. I’m not trashing on The last o us multiplayer, mind you. But surely anyone can see that the focus was 90% on the single player in that game’s development.

If TC shifted their focus heavily on campaign and put versus far in the background, you can expect what would happen and how people would react. Gears is not like The last of us. Unlike The last of us, the main attraction that keeps people stay on Gears post-launch is multiplayer( both versus and Horde ).

Actually the mp is very nuanced in it. But anyway, we all want the same thing which is the jump from 4 to 5 to be like the jump from 1 to 2, which was incredibly impressive in a small amount of time, albeit without the initial online issues :wink:

I liked 1 better :stuck_out_tongue: But Gears 2 had a great story nonetheless.

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I actually posted (below) in another thread over a week ago, I think it fits here as well.

"Direction wise, I just want a totally expanded campaign with loads of new areas as well as nods to the past.
Hopefully TC has taken motivation from the slew of AAA story games that have released since 4.

To be fair most are Sony, but it shows you can have a content rich campaign that last well over the 20h mark.

I’m thinking the other GOW, Horizon ZD, Tomb Raider, Uncharted 4, the list goes on.

To date the most varied campaign by a mile is Gears 3, and that was/is epic. I want to get lost in the lore and want to replay (arcade+mutators need to come back) again and again, which I have not done with 4"

Do you feel it is unrealistic to expect a campaign on the level of Resident Evil 4 or would that be too much for a new studio like The Coalition?

I know they played it intentionally safe with Gears 4 and now I’m hoping the world for Gears 5. Really excited for the game.

It probably would be asking too much. What I do think we have every right to expect is a big step up in, well everything from their first game/attempt.
They are fond of telling us that Gears 4 and not UE was their real starting point and that due to that,they played it somewhat safer than they might have.

I think we all want bigger,better,faster in 5. Gears does have 3 U.S.P. that need to all be 100%. I feel that 4 was and is good generally (Mp is possible getting worse as we go on :frowning: ) but probably has had the second weakest campaign, behind J’s (not including the great Aftermath) and the weakest Horde model. I want 5 to have the strongest.
Hand on heart I highly doubt it will have, but I am crossing everything just in case. :wink:

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You can expect a better campaign considering TC has grown as a company. They have more hands to help out and more talent to venture further into the game. A small team made Gears 4 and it was in my opinion great.

Hope they don’t make bad jokes just like they did with gears 4. Paper Paper Paper Paper

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I think gow 4 had a good story. I imagine well get the same sort of storyline. Id be nice to extend the campaign and do more dialouge

Gears 2 and 3 felt like journeys…but I agree the Odyssey of God of War, especially with the never-cutting camera is something else. I admit it’d be cool if we got a closed-world for Gears’ story, allowing us to revisit the separate biomes. But it’s a stretch. But I’m still hoping the Odyssey Kait and Del go on will be good. Hopefully the two characters can shine alone, or play off of characters we haven’t seen yet. (Remember in the G4 trailers, Marcus was cut off a lot, so we could see more than the two characters on this journey.)

I’m hoping for a good game. So far–very interesting. But I need to see more before I start making too many assumptions. Digging the colors though. The vibrancy reminds me of a Marvel movie.

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I think it will look fantastic in HDR - the varying colours and locations will add to the environments so much.

Can’t wait to see that lush green Jungle, Snowy Areas and the dark places in 4K HDR!

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i think gears 3 was hands down the best gears because of the lengthy campaign and greatly polished mp. this was because the game wasnt rushed and even had an addition 6 months to polish.

that ski scene had me in awe… my jaw dropped it looks so good i cant wait to see this in 4k.

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yeah lets hope Gears 5 turns into a chick flick type of story

Anyone else spot the Xbox fanboy?


Yea if you like uncharted so much why are you in gears of war forums then?