I hope Gears 5 addresses the player quit issue... It almost ruined Gears 4 for me

Playing a game mode like KOTH and a player quitting COMPLETELY unbalances the game and makes it practically unwinnable. Making the quitter have a timeout means nothing as most of the time they quit before playing another game, watch somethin on Netflix, grab a drink, have a wank etc

Why have the Coalition done nothing further to address this?

Some ideas…
1> Put a bot in and make all stats for that game not count. I mean why should they if the teams are unbalanced??
2>Reduce respawn timer for the team with less players so they have a slight edge in getting back out to battle faster.
3>Make the penalty for quitting something that will actually make quitters think twice before doing so.

What are the communities thoughts on this going into Gears 5?

And to all you quitters, go f*ck yourself you inconsiderate prix :wink:

Amen to your last sentence!

Like you said its unbalance 4 KOTH, but 4 vs5 defending 1 hill is still somewhat feasable.

But for Escalation its impossible to win yesterday I decided to play escalation and within the first round one of my teamate quitted then another one quit then we were 2 vs 5 by round 4.

Then I said well I will try again for another game same thing happen another quitter by round 2… So I get your drift for KOTH but Escalation is even worste when people quit and I mean why do you even play escalation this is Competitve… Koth is core still not great when people quit but when it competitive I dont get why they quit. Sometime I m wondering if they are not a team of 6 people ok when you get one of them on your team they quit so they boost the other team stats…


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