I haven't played Gears in about 8 years... But now

I’m back! And it’s safe to say, I’m having a blast!

I used to play Gears 3 on Xbox 360 but when the next gen consoles came out, I decided to get a PS4. You know what that means… NO GEARS. After a long time, I finally decided to rebuild my PC from the ground up. Brand new everything. And with the new AMD Ryzen 5 3600 processor came with 3 months of Xbox Game Pass. I was surprised to see Gears 5 was on it. I had NO idea. I downloaded it instantly. And now… I can’t stop playing!

It all felt natural coming back into it. Gears being my very first online game since 2006. Everything just clicked into place and I was destroying people left and right! Man I missed this… Thank you Epic Games for creating such a franchise that still holds up to this day. No matter what people say about it, I’m enjoying the hell out of it. So much so that I started making videos again! It’s nice coming back to something I grew up on and still seeing the community thrive!

If you guys would like, here are my best and funniest moments so far on Gears 5. If you choose to watch it, enjoy! SavagePrisonerSP is back baby! Wooo!

If you’re hesitant, watch my ACE in the intro and decide for yourself. No harm, no foul! :

Love you guys and thanks to everyone that makes this game so great.


Welcome back to the fold. Glad your having a great time and putting out Gears content. The world needs more Gears!

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Welcome to the forum and welcome back!

Wait, what? So you skipped Gears 4?


Anyhoo, welcome back. I don’t remember you from Gears 3, that’s annoying.

Glad you’re enjoying the game at least, but how could you go about 8 years without Gears? I’d be shaking like a 20 year alcoholic suddenly going cold turkey.

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Cool video Op,:sunglasses::+1:Welcome back

Welcome back. Enjoy the massive gib range.

Woh someone posting about how they are enjoying the game? Clearly a troll! Mods please close.

Welcome back to the universe and welcome to the forums.