I haven't been here in years, but

… I just wanted say…

Thank you so much for giving the old 360 Gears games an FPS Boost!

My love for Gears 2 has been rekindled and I could not be happier. Yes, the lag and glitches are still there, but now the game feels so damn good I can’t even bother to complain about those.

After all these years Gears 2 has remained as my favorite game in the series. Playing it in 4K resolution and in 60 frames per second only strenghtens my opinion on the game.

Once again, thank you for giving these games FPS Boosts.

Ranked Guardian is still very popular people, if you ever feel like giving the game another go.

I’ll see you guys there!


Yes. Some positivity! Finally!


Always great to see an old Gearhead come back. Great news :+1:

These upgrades to the original games are the best things to happen to this Franchise in a while!


To my surprise, I have been playing ranked Guardian in Gears 2 as well. Funny thing is, it finds games faster than Gears 5 did


The weird thing about Gears 2 is that at any point in time you could always find ranked guardians matches relatively quickly. Even before the fps boost.


Yeah, I wasn’t clear, but for the past few months I’ve been playing it. Super fun times!


Happy to bring here some positivity and it’s also great to hear that others have also played and had fun in Gears 2 recently! It’s a classic game with broken aspects, but it’s still very much fun if you can look past it’s flaws.

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Someone knows if Gears 2 JP also have the FPS boost?

I only have a Xbox One, so I can’t test if this is true or not

the FPS boost is only on series x consoles. I tried it on my one x and it still runs ar 30 fps.

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Good question! I would like to know as well. Tbh I kinda forgot there was a japanese version of this game with its own set of achievements.

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Great to hear, might well take you up on Guardian some time :+1: …when I manage to get an X :wink: