I have to know, so I made a thread. What is the chant for?

Why do you hear chanting when you go into a long roadie run with the swarm?

What are they saying?

This thread made me start up Gears 5 specifically so I could go into a private match and roadie run in a circle. All I heard was heavy breathing. Is there a specific swarm character you hear chanting with? I used swarm sniper.


So does the heavy breathing sound anything like chanting? I’ve noticed this since Gears 4 on any enemy character. Maybe it is heavy breathing, but it sounds nothing like the COG side. Reminds me of Batman Dark Knight Rises.

Just sounds like panting to me, as one would do when running.


Thanks. Maybe I’m imagining. I’ve always wondered why no one else mentioned it.

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Lol its heavy and exaggerated breathing from the VAs to let the player know you’re running for a long time.

In GoW1 there used to be a hidden limit or stamina bar which was only in campaign. After awhile, your char would completely stop running.

Just a thing to give the player audio feedback


You’re getting old, Slipping. If the chanting ever starts talking to you, telling you to do things, seek medical help immediately

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