I have the Emblems but not the skins (Road to gears 5)

So i haven’t played for the longest but i know for sure that i have used these skins in the past. And now i don’t have them. I tried scrapping my Esports Kait today just to see if i accidentally scrapped them before but no, You are not able to scrap those cards.

Heres a video of me showing my skins. https://streamable.com/o4758

All i wanna know is if theres any way to get the skins back? And will i still be getting the skins in Gears 5 even tho its gone in gears 4?

All Guilded skins are scrappable.

And, yes, you will still have them for Gears 5.

Ah okay, then i probably scrapped them when i didn’t know anything about them, thanks for clearing everything up my dude!

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I still do not see why people are scrapping the “road to gears 5” character skins and weapons, you can get other scrap without screwing yourself out of these uncraftable exclusives.

Yeah i agree, but i prob got it on my first day or second day of playing, then i saw a legendary and was like ew this one is ugly and just scrapped it i guess