I have some troubles with the game achievements. "Collectables" & "Raam bathed in gold"

1rst - I already completed all collectible from the campaign (50/50) and my achievement said, 92%.

2nd - With the challenge of Raam bathed in gold, the % of my achievement stop in 48% and i has been played for 4 days and nothing change, not upgrade

Can someone help me out here please ? I need to know if i did something wrong.

The first one is strange, but the second is an issue had by many here. Try a search of the forum.

I have the same problem with the collectibles and tag achievement. Game show 50 but 2 achievements are not at 100% . Sent TC a message thru twittee and eesponse was known issue but with resourses going to 5 may be months or never before they can do anything .

That’s what they said? Disappointing. :worried:

Are you on PC or Xbox out of interest?

Same as everyone else trying to get this, it will be fixed tomorrow I assume once TC is back in office.

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