I have requested in writing to TC

Now here me now people , (hope all is good)

I have asked in the most direct way as I had an idea since this games launch, and as I covered in last few topics I understand there may be other more important things needed in this game which I pretty much completely agree but here’s what I have suggested on here and to them directly I would like an announcer in versus modes ffa also! Now if you fortnite players didn’t know epic games made unreal tournament what did i live about unreal tournament through surround sound? Il jot a few lines

Double kill
Multi kill
Mega kill
Monster kill

You see when the 3 4 red skulls pop up I can imagine this voice saying these lines above and it makes me say nah stay with unreal then but why do we then have Batista and terminator crew in the game and now option for changing omen damage indicator so why not an option for announcer on full or normal or off
Drops hot has BeEn PlAcEd… haha haha mega kill… GODlike come on let’s go

So u want to play halo

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I like how Gears actually has the character celebrate killstreaks rather than an impartial announcer. My favorite is Baird’s “That’s FIVE WOOOOOOOO, im like Cole!”

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I thought the exact thing.

One thought to that…
And not Halo. I understand that The Coalition seem to be behaving just like 343, but it is still Gears.

I don’t know why is he doing here… I mean this is not HALO forums… neither most of care about halo at all man…

its like going to a CHESS Forum and start talking about checkers… nobody would care about checkers in there.